3-Day Detailed Itinerary in the Urban Area of Chongqing

3-Day Detailed Itinerary in the Urban Area of Chongqing

Day 1: Downtown Exploration

Arrive in Chongqing and check into a hotel near Jiefangbei. Spend the afternoon exploring the surrounding area. Jiefangbei is a bustling hub with four pedestrian streets branching out in the east, west, south, and north directions, filled with shopping malls and local food streets. Follow the route of “Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street – Hongya Cave” on foot. In the evening, walk to Hongya Cave, known for its “Spirited Away Real-life Architecture,” and enjoy the night view. You’ll also catch sight of the famous Qiansimen Bridge.

Transportation Tips: You can navigate the day’s itinerary using the city’s subway and buses. Walking is convenient for reaching Jiefangbei and Hongya Cave.

Dining Suggestions: Chongqing is renowned for its spicy noodles and hotpot. Try authentic local delicacies at the Bayi food street around Jiefangbei and the restaurants in Hongya Cave.

Day 2: Western Chongqing Exploration

Explore the Sandouping District in the west. Start the day by visiting the thousand-year-old ancient town, Ciqikou. Here, you’ll find a variety of specialty goods and authentic local snacks. In the afternoon, head to the White Residence and Zhazi Cave in the Martyrs’ Tomb area. In the evening, make your way to Nanshan One Tree Viewing Platform, during which you can take the Yangtze River Cableway for a stunning view of the cityscape.

Transportation Tips: Use the subway to reach Ciqikou Ancient Town (Line 1), take bus 210 to the White Residence and Zhazi Cave, and use Line 1 to get to the Yangtze River Cableway. A taxi from the cableway to Nanshan costs around 10 yuan.

Dining Suggestions: Ciqikou Ancient Town is a foodie paradise. Sample local snacks as you explore. For dinner near Nanshan One Tree, there are many notable restaurants offering diverse cuisines.

Day 3: Artistic Exploration

Head to Yangjiaping to visit the artistic hub – Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. In the morning, explore the institute and the nearby Graffiti Street and 501 Art Base. Return to Yuzhong District in the afternoon and get off at Liziba Light Rail Station to witness the surreal sight of the monorail passing through buildings. Take the Two-Road Crown Escalator, Asia’s second-longest slope escalator. In the evening, visit Chaotianmen Wharf for a cruise on the Jialing River and Yangtze River, enjoying the breathtaking views of the city.

Transportation Tips: Utilize the city’s subway and buses for today’s exploration. Buses 223, 233, 256, 277, and 823 can take you to Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Subway Lines 1 and 3 will take you to Two-Road Crown Escalator, and Line 1 or bus 112 can drop you at Chaotianmen.

Dining Suggestions: While the locations today might not have dedicated food streets, you’ll find hidden culinary delights along the streets. Try local specialties like tofu pudding rice or Chicken Hotpot Stew around Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Two-Road Crown Escalator, or Chaotianmen Wharf.

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