2-Day Detailed Itinerary in Wulong Chongqing

2-Day Detailed Itinerary in Wulong Chongqing

Day 1:

Start your day early from Chongqing city to Wulong. The journey takes approximately 2.5 hours. If you’re traveling independently, check-in upon arrival. For those joining a tour, kick off the exploration by visiting Longshuixia Fissure and Tiankeng Three Bridges.

Longshuixia Fissure (2 hours): Experience the steep, deep crevices, and peculiar rock formations. At its narrowest, it’s only 1 meter wide.

Tiankeng Three Bridges (2 hours): Three natural stone arch bridges sculpted by nature, exhibiting magnificence, uniqueness, and scenic beauty. Access the area through Tianfu Station, following the designated route.

Impression Wulong Show (1.5 hours): Witness a spectacular outdoor performance showcasing the grand geographical landscapes and historical culture of the Bashu region.

Transport Tips:

From Chongqing: Opt for local tourist buses departing from Longtousi Tourist Distribution Center or Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Center. Buses directly reach Xiannvshan Tourist Center, where you can transfer to the scenic area bus. Pre-booking online is recommended for cost-effectiveness.

Dining Recommendations:

Xiannvshan Town: Enjoy local specialties like Wujiang fish and lamb at renowned restaurants. If staying in Wulong County, there are many notable dining options available.

Day 2:

Today, explore the Furong River Scenic Area. The Furong Cave, dubbed the “splendid underground art palace” by visitors, requires about 1.5 hours for exploration following the designated routes. Prepare for temperature differences inside and outside the cave.

Furong River, a tributary of the Wu River, boasts lush greenery along its banks and is known for its picturesque landscapes. Exploring Furong River involves a cruise, cable car rides, and optional adventurous activities like high-altitude ziplining, catering to various preferences.

Transport Details for the Day:

From Xiannvshan Tourist Center to Furongjiang Scenic Area: Take the local tourist bus round trip for 15 yuan, approximately a 1-hour 40-minute journey (included in the two-day Chongqing-Wulong bus ticket if pre-booked). From Wulong County, take a direct bus from the bus station to Furong Cave for about 9 yuan per person, around a 45-minute ride.

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