A 3-Day Enchanting Journey Through Yangzhou: Embracing History, Culture, and Scenic Beauty

A 3-Day Enchanting Journey Through Yangzhou

As the warmth of early spring embraces Yangzhou in March, the city comes alive with blooming flowers, creating a gentle and charming atmosphere. In the span of three days, you can leisurely explore the historical sites, taste exquisite local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of Yangzhou. Let the gentle spring breeze guide you through the picturesque landscapes of this ancient city.

Day 1: Discovering East Street Charm

Route: Yechunyuan – Dongguan Street Historic District – Ge Garden – Wang’s Garden – Wu Dao Tai Mansion

Commence your journey with breakfast at Yechunyuan (冶春园), known for its delightful selection of morning tea delicacies. Afterward, take a leisurely stroll in the Yechun Garden, savoring the tranquility it offers. Move on to Dongguan Street, the epitome of Yangzhou’s historical charm and a haven for food enthusiasts. Ge Garden is conveniently located along Dongguan Street. From Dongguan Street, a short walk will lead you to the serene Wang’s Garden. Wu Dao Tai Mansion, with its grand layout and the notable Ce Hai Tower resembling Ningbo’s Tianyi Pavilion, is a highlight worth exploring.

Accommodation: Consider staying near Dongguan Street for its central location and convenient transportation.


  • Yechun Tea House (冶春茶社): Known for its exquisite buns, Simmered Tofu Noodles, and exceptional steamed dumplings, especially the bamboo shoot and Yangzhou Fried Rice. Don’t miss their signature dish, the “Kuilongzhu” tea, enhancing your culinary experience.
  • Cucha Danfan (粗茶淡饭): A popular spot on Dongguan Street offering a variety of Jiangnan snacks, including osmanthus lotus root, osmanthus taro balls, honey-fried lotus root, and pan-fried lotus root cakes.

Day 2: Exploring Nature and Cultural Heritage

Route: Daming Temple – Slender West Lake – Twenty-Four Bridges of Slender West Lake – Wenchang Pavilion

Begin your day at Daming Temple, located atop Shugang Hill, visiting its central, eastern, and western sections in order. In spring, a visit to the picturesque Slender West Lake is a must. Along its shores, indulge in the natural beauty, explore pavilions and historical sites, or take a boat ride to immerse yourself in the tranquility. The famous Twenty-Four Bridges of Slender West Lake is another noteworthy attraction, showcasing reconstructed bridges that were once a part of the region’s history. Conclude your day with a visit to Wenchang Pavilion, situated at the heart of the city and beautifully illuminated at night.

Accommodation: Consider accommodations near Wenchang Pavilion or Slender West Lake for a convenient stay.


  • Fuchun Tea House (富春茶社): Renowned for its classic Jiangnan spring delicacies, Fuchun is a must-visit. From Three Ding Bao to layered oil cake, crystal dumplings, and crystal Trotter Jelly, the delectable offerings are a feast for the senses.
  • Jiangjiaqiao (蒋家桥): A well-established eatery with multiple branches in Yangzhou. Affordable and delicious, their must-try dishes include shrimp dumpling noodles and shrimp wonton.

Day 3: Immersing in Canal Charm

Route: Yangzhou Ancient Canal – Zhu Ziqing’s Former Residence – He Garden – Lusi Salt Merchant Residence

Early in the morning, head to Yangzhou Ancient Canal, a scenic stretch from Zhuyu Bay to Gaomin Temple. Stroll along the canal or take a traditional boat to enjoy the views. Continue your journey to Zhu Ziqing’s Former Residence, a serene location offering a glimpse into the life of this famous scholar. Next, explore He Garden, a private garden featuring a rear garden, residential courtyards, and the scenic Pianshi Mountain residence. Conclude your day by visiting the Lu’s Salt Merchant Residence, known as the “first mansion of salt merchants.” Despite a past fire, the site retains its luxurious ambiance.

Tips: If dining at the Lusi Salt Merchant Residence restaurant, you can skip purchasing the entrance ticket but must enter during mealtime. Afterward, you can explore the residence.

Accommodation: For your last night, choose accommodation in the city center for easy departure.


  • Lusi Ancient Residence (卢氏古宅): A renowned Huaiyang cuisine restaurant in Yangzhou. Famous for its breakfast, try the Five Ding Bao, scalded Tofu Noodles, crab roe soup dumplings, and crystal dumplings. It is a popular spot, so arrive early.
  • Shi Wei Tian (食为天): One of the top traditional restaurants in the city, often chosen by locals for gatherings. Their signature dish, Wensi Tofu, and Lion’s Head meatballs are highly recommended.

Conclusion: This three-day itinerary promises an enchanting exploration of Yangzhou, blending historical richness, natural beauty, and culinary delights. Each day unfolds a new chapter of the city’s charm, providing a memorable experience that captures the essence of Yangzhou’s timeless allure.

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