Ancient Canal Changzhou – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

ancient canal changzhou

The ancient canal in Changzhou (常州古运河) has been a vital waterway for the city for centuries. Often referred to as the mother river of Changzhou, this ancient canal is a treasure trove of cultural and historical significance, boasting a wealth of humanistic resources and numerous landmarks that serve as a testament to Changzhou’s rich heritage.

The Grand Canal of China is not just the well-known Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal but rather a comprehensive canal system. It includes the Sui-Tang Grand Canal (centered around Luoyang), the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal (stretching from Beijing to Hangzhou), and the Zhejiang-Eastern Canal (centered around Ningbo, connecting to the Maritime Silk Road). Among these, the ancient canal in Changzhou is a crucial component of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

Boat Cruise

The Changzhou ancient canal stretches from the western starting point at Biji Lane to the eastern endpoint at Dongpo Park. Running parallel to Changzhou’s bustling Yanling Road, this segment is considered a classic route along the ancient canal, covering approximately 10 kilometers round trip with a duration of about 1.5 hours. The traditional Chinese-style pleasure boats, known as “画舫” (huafang), provide a luxurious and classical setting for passengers. Seated comfortably on the boat, visitors can savor tea, enjoy the scenic views, and listen to the guide narrating stories of the millennium-old canal, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of stealing a half day of leisure to relish the joyous moments of life.

Boat from Biji Lane9.00 and 14.00
Boat from Dongpo Park10.30 and 15.00
Ticket PriceSingle: 40 RMB
Round: 50 RMB

Attractions along the Canal

The canal banks are adorned with several notable attractions, each contributing to Changzhou’s historical and cultural tapestry. The Canal No. 5 Creative District, transformed from the fifth textile factory of Changzhou, is a photogenic area suitable for photography enthusiasts. The Western Yingmen City Wall stands as the sole surviving relic of Changzhou’s Ming City Wall, providing a glimpse into the city’s ancient fortifications. Biji Lane, with its shops that once produced combs and brushes overnight, was a bustling scene under the glow of “Biji lights” in ancient Changzhou.

Qingguo Lane, though slightly weathered, exudes the charm of an old street. The grand structures of Tianning Temple and the exquisite Buddhist treasures displayed in the Tianning Pagoda showcase the city’s religious and cultural heritage. Hongmei Park, designed in a traditional garden style, features the Wengbi Tower, one of Changzhou’s oldest surviving buildings. Dongpo Park boasts the Yizhou Pavilion, once the landing site where the renowned poet Su Dongpo disembarked his boat.

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