Impression Show of Wulong – Ticket, Location, and Highlights

impression show of wulong

The “Impression Wulong” live-action musical gala (印象武隆实景演出) is a mesmerizing production with acclaimed filmmaker Zhang Yimou as the artistic consultant and Wang ChaoGe and Fan Yue as the directors. Featuring over 100 talented performers, the show unfolds in the breathtaking natural landscapes of Wulong, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its stunning karst formations and unique cultural heritage. The 70-minute spectacle is centered around the endangered art form of “Chuanjiang Haozi” (a traditional Sichuan folk song), offering the audience an immersive experience of the majestic natural scenery and distinctive local customs of the Ba-Shu region.

Basic Information

Length of Show70 minutes
Ticket PriceRanging from 238 RMB to 888 RMB
Show Time20.00 – 21.10 and 22.00 -23.10
Telephone Number0086-02387706678

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Location and Transportation

The theater is strategically located in the Taoyuan Grand Canyon of Wulong County, approximately 9 kilometers from the Xianv Mountain Town. The canyon, shaped like a “U” with a 180-meter vertical drop, presents a mystical ambiance in the distant mountains and a formidable presence up close, adorned with serene gorges. The choice of this location not only prioritizes ecological preservation but also provides an ideal stage for the performance. The theater accommodates around 2,700 seats, with the stage extending seamlessly into the stands, allowing performers to engage with the audience up close.

Tourists from Chongqing can first take a high-speed train or coach to Wulong and then transfer to a local bus to the Fairy Town Tourist Center (仙女镇游客中心), which takes about 50 minutes.

Highlights of Impression Wulong Show

Upon purchasing tickets at the ticketing hall in Xianv Mountain Town, audience members are transported to the performance venue by shuttle buses. Upon arrival at the canyon, visitors pass through a lengthy tunnel illuminated by 44 projectors casting dynamic images of Wulong’s major scenic spots on the walls. The visual spectacle creates a vivid and dreamlike ambiance, eliciting a sensation of traversing through a tunnel of time.

The entire live-action performance revolves around the intangible cultural heritage of “Chuanjiang Haozi.” The opening sequences skillfully introduce the art form, employing heartfelt recitations and voiceovers to evoke memories of Chuanjiang culture, transporting the audience into the river of historical narratives. Throughout the show, elements of local Chongqing culture are interwoven, including the traditional “carrying the bamboo pole,” “hot pot symphony,” “spirit of the boat tracker,” “marriage ceremony,” and “filial piety.”

The integration of live 3D laser technology and enchanting lighting effects enhances the visual impact, vividly portraying the richness of Chinese historical and cultural heritage. The production aims to showcase the vastness of Chinese history, the indomitable spirit of the Chinese people, and the traditional virtues of respecting elders and caring for the young. The use of these modern technologies alongside traditional performances creates a harmonious blend, captivating the audience with a sensory journey through time and culture.

“Impression Wulong” goes beyond being a mere musical performance; it is a cultural odyssey that educates and entertains simultaneously. Against the stunning backdrop of Wulong’s natural wonders, the show successfully captures the essence of Chongqing’s rich cultural heritage, leaving the audience with a deep appreciation for the historical narratives and traditional arts of the region.

Video Clip of Impress Show of Wulong

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Seat Selection: For audience members with regular tickets, it’s recommended to choose seats in either A2 or A5 sections. These sections offer better visibility, providing the best value for money.

Dress Appropriately: Since the performance venue is located in the mountains at a higher altitude, it can get chilly at night, even during summer. It’s advisable to bring along a long-sleeved shirt or light jacket to stay warm. During winter, it’s recommended to bring extra layers, such as a coat or sweater, to keep yourself comfortable in the cold.

Protection Against Insects: In the summer months, there may be a higher presence of mosquitoes in the mountainous area where the show takes place. It’s essential to bring insect repellent and anti-itch cream to protect yourself from mosquito bites and alleviate any itching discomfort.

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