Baiyang Lake – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

baiyang lake scenic area

Baiyang Lake, also known as Baiyangdian (白洋淀), is the largest freshwater lake in North China, covering a total area of 366 square kilometers. It consists of 143 varying-sized lakes and over 3,700 small canals, including Baiyang Lake, Mapeng Lake, Shaorche Lake, and Zaosi Lake. These water bodies create a unique landscape with a patchwork of farmland and water surfaces, dotted with reed beds and lotus ponds.

The Baiyang Lake scenic area takes advantage of this diverse terrain by constructing different themed recreational facilities on various islands. Visitors can explore exhibits showcasing traditional fishermen’s life, immerse themselves in serene lotus gardens, visit museums highlighting the region’s history, or enjoy water-themed amusement parks. Baiyang Lake offers a glimpse into the rich natural and cultural heritage of the North China region, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 day
Ticket PriceCombined Ticket: 185 RMB
Admission: 40 RMB
Lotus Garden: 50 RMB
Mandarin Duck Island: 40 RMB
Exotic Culture Park: 40 RMB
Leisure Island: 20 RMB
Opening Hours7.00 – 16.30
ReputationAAAAA Tourist Attraction
Telephone Number0086-0312-5356112

Location and Transportation

Baiyang Lake is located in Baoding, the central part of Hebei Province, China, with its main area situated within the jurisdiction of Anxin County in the Xiong’an New Area. It is approximately 189 kilometers south of Shijiazhuang, 162 kilometers north of Beijing, and 155 kilometers east of Tianjin. This strategic location places Baiyang Lake in close proximity to major cities in the North China region, making it easily accessible for both local and international travelers.

To reach Baiyang Lake Scenic Area, you can use public transportation. Here are some bus routes from nearby cities:

Beijing to Anxin (Baiyang Lake):

  • Buses depart from Muxiyuan (木樨园) and run every half hour.
  • Operating hours: 6:30 AM to 5:20 PM.

Tianjin to Anxin (Baiyang Lake):

  • Buses depart from West Station (西站) once daily at 7:30 AM.
  • Buses also depart from Hongweiqiao (红卫桥) and run every hour.
  • Operating hours: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Shijiazhuang to Anxin (Baiyang Lake):

  • There’s a bus departing from Yunhe Bridge (运河桥) at 9:00 AM.
  • Buses depart every hour from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Baoding to Anxin (Baiyang Lake):

  • Take bus number 656 from the Passenger Transport Center.
  • Buses run every 20 minutes.

Highlights of Baiyang Lake

Lotus Garden

lotus garden in baiyang lake scenic area

The Lotus Garden within the Baiyang Lake Scenic Area covers over 2,000 acres, with a water surface area of 1,560 acres. It boasts a stunning collection of 699 varieties of lotus flowers, including vibrant shades of red, yellow, white, pink, and light green. The garden features a ten-kilometer circular path, a vast 100-acre lotus pond, a picturesque thousand-foot flower-viewing bridge, and a scenic boat route extending over 10,000 meters. This idyllic haven showcases the beauty of lotus blooms from around the world, making it a serene and captivating destination for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts alike.

Mandarin Duck Island

mandarin duck island in baiyangdian scenic area

Mandarin Duck Island, nestled within the Baiyang Lake Scenic Area, spans 64,000 square meters. This island is home to “The Window of Baiyangdian,” featuring six exhibition halls that showcase the wetland’s natural beauty, traditional history, and folk culture. The exhibitions highlight the formation and evolution of Baiyang Lake’s natural environment, its renowned historical stories like the legendary “Shenbing Yanling Troops” and the heroic “Xiaobing Zhang Ga,” as well as the rich local customs and culture. Visitors to Mandarin Duck Island are treated to an immersive experience that celebrates the ecological, historical, and cultural heritage of Baiyang Lake.

Leisure Island

leisure island in baiyang lake

Leisure Island, located on the southern side of Mandarin Duck Island within the Baiyang Lake Scenic Area, covers an area of over 200 acres. It is themed around dining, accommodation, entertainment, and local folk culture. On the island, you’ll find charming leisure cottages and a traditional fishing village that immerses visitors in the local customs and culture. The island offers a variety of recreational activities, including swimming, rowing, a labyrinth, fishing, playful encounters with ducks, karaoke, and captivating fish-hunting performances by ospreys. Leisure Island provides a perfect blend of relaxation, entertainment, and cultural experiences in the heart of Baiyang Lake.

Exotic Culture Park

exotic culture park in baiyang lake scenic area

The Exotic Culture Park in the Baiyang Lake Scenic Area covers an area of 30 acres and offers an immersive and participatory entertainment experience. It features a diverse range of performances and activities, including high-flying Dazi shows, Muay Thai kickboxing demonstrations, traditional Thai folk dance, European women’s wrestling, crocodile performances, African lion hunting simulations, the intriguing Mystery House with its water-reversing illusion, and rock climbing with bungee jumping. This park offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore and engage with cultures and experiences from around the world, making it an exciting and culturally enriching destination within the Baiyang Lake Scenic Area.

Amusement Park

amusement park in baiyang lake scenic area

The Amusement Park in Baiyang Lake Scenic Area, located on the northern side of Mandarin Duck Island, spans over 85,800 square meters. It offers a wide range of exciting entertainment attractions, including a mesmerizing Belarusian water ballet, captivating Thai street performances, record-breaking high-flying roller coasters, impressive equestrian shows, animal training displays, and thrilling acrobatics. This amusement park is a haven for thrill-seekers and families alike, providing a diverse array of entertainment options that promise fun, excitement, and unforgettable experiences against the picturesque backdrop of Baiyang Lake.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Dining Experience in Gazi Village: For meals, the reviewer visited Gazi Village, a typical rural guesthouse. The food quality was average, but the prices were considered quite high.

Motorboat Experience at Lotus Grand View Garden: Within Lotus Grand View Garden, motorboat rides are available at 50 yuan per round during regular days and increased to 200 yuan per round during holidays. Despite the higher cost, the experience is described as thrilling.

Caution Regarding Local Sellers: The scenic area has local sellers offering various products and services. However, the advice is not to pay attention to them, as the quality of items and services is often poor.

Joy Island (Huanle Dao): Joy Island features outdated and nostalgic amusement facilities, including a somewhat outdated large stage that incorporates the sale of purported celebrity calligraphy and paintings. The overall atmosphere may not be appealing to all visitors.

Lotus Grand View Garden: Despite not seeing many lotus flowers, Lotus Grand View Garden is praised for its beautiful scenery, making it suitable for a leisurely stroll.

Other Attractions in Baoding

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