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langya mountain hebei

Langya Mountain (狼牙山), formerly known as Lang Mountain, is a majestic natural wonder located in Baoding, Hebei Province, China. Comprised of five peaks and thirty-six rugged, towering cliffs, it derives its name from the distinctive resemblance of these peaks to the fangs of a wolf, “Langya” in Chinese. The terrain is incredibly diverse, with most peaks rising between 500 to 800 meters above sea level, providing a challenging and rewarding experience for hikers and climbers.

However, Langya Mountain is not only celebrated for its natural beauty but also for its historical significance. During the period of the Second Sino-Japanese War, this mountain gained renown for the bravery of five individuals who would rather jump to their deaths than surrender to the enemy. Their unwavering resolve and heroism in the face of adversity have made Langya Mountain a symbol of national pride and resilience.

Today, Langya Mountain stands as a testament to both China’s natural splendor and its indomitable spirit in the face of adversity, attracting visitors and history enthusiasts alike.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price80 RMB
Cable Car45 RMB for single way
80 RMB for round
Openng Hours8.00 – 17:00
Telephone Number0086-0312-8861888

Location and Transportation

Langya Mountain is situated in the western part of Yixian County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China. It lies on the eastern foothills of the Taihang Mountains, forming a part of the Taihang Mountain range. This picturesque mountain range is located approximately 36 kilometers away from the county center of Yixian.

To reach Langya Mountain, you have a couple of transportation options:

From Baoding Bus Terminal:

  • Take a bus from Baoding Bus Terminal to Yixian County.
  • Upon reaching Yixian County, transfer to a minibus bound for Guantou Town. Alight at the intersection of Langya Mountain Road (fare: 5 yuan per person).
  • From there, you can catch another minibus heading to Dongxi Shuicun (East-West Water Village) for a fare of 2 yuan per person, which will take you to Langya Mountain.

Direct Scenic Area Shuttle:

  • Every morning at 8:00 AM, there are direct shuttle buses from People’s Square in downtown Baoding to Langya Mountain.
  • The journey takes about 1 hour to reach Langya Mountain.
  • There is also a return shuttle from Langya Mountain to Baoding at 3:00 PM.

Highlights of Langya Mountain

Majestic Peaks

majestic peaks in langya mountain

Langya Mountain boasts a collection of remarkable peaks, with Lotus Peak standing as its main pinnacle, soaring to an elevation of 1,105 meters. This commanding peak is located in the western part of the Langya Mountain range and offers breathtaking panoramic views. Another notable peak is Chessboard Knob, named for the massive stone chessboard adorning its summit. To reach this unique vantage point, adventurers must ascend a challenging staircase of 29,000 steps. The peaks of Langya Mountain offer a diverse range of landscapes and experiences, making it a captivating destination for both nature enthusiasts and hikers seeking adventure.

Red Agate Karst Cave

Red Agate Karst Cave in langya mountain

The Red Agate Karst Cave, nestled within Langya Mountain, is a legendary sanctuary where it’s believed that the ancient sage Wang Chan practiced meditation and Zen. This cave is composed of five tiers, sloping from north to south. The second tier features a mesmerizing blend of brown stalactites and white stalagmites. The third and fourth tiers showcase stunning milky-white or amber-hued stalactites. At the fifth tier, a mysterious underground river flows in the dark recesses, adding an element of intrigue to this remarkable cave system. The Red Agate Karst Cave is a testament to both the natural wonders and cultural significance of Langya Mountain.

Ancient Temples

ancient templs in langya mountain

Langya Mountain is home to several ancient temples that hold deep cultural and historical significance. The Cangu Temple, dedicated to the Yellow Emperor‘s primary consort Leizu, venerates her as the Holy Mother of Silkworms for her teachings on silk cultivation. It is a place where her legacy is celebrated.

Nestled on the slopes of Daliang Peak, the Laojun Hall, also known as the Hanging Temple, is a Taoist sanctuary built within a natural cave. It venerates Laozi, one of the Three Pure Ones in Taoism, and stands dramatically on a cliff, thus earning its name as the Hanging Temple. These ancient temples in Langya Mountain offer a glimpse into the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of the region.

Five Heros Museum

Five Heros Museum in langya mountain

The Five Heroes Museum in Langya Mountain is divided into three main sections: the establishment and development of the Langya Mountain Base, the heroic battle of the Five Heroes, and the enduring honor and eternal commemoration. It utilizes over 110 photographs and 98 artifacts to vividly recreate the tumultuous era 60 years ago when the Five Heroes of Langya Mountain, alongside the local people, bravely fought together.

Behind the museum stands a commemorative tower covering an area of 69 square meters and soaring to a height of 21.5 meters. The tower’s five levels symbolize the resilience and sacrifice of those who defended Langya Mountain during that historic period, serving as a lasting tribute to their heroism.

Vlog about Langya Mountain

Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Roadside Stalls and Purchases: Along the way, there are numerous roadside stalls offering water, snacks, and even local specialties from Langya Mountain. Prices may be on the higher side for some items.

Navigation and Additional Attractions: Langya Mountain Scenic Area is located in Longyashan Town, Dongxishui Village. When using navigation for self-driving, be attentive to the directions. Besides the mountain itself, there are additional attractions such as Langya Mountain’s vast flower fields, a peony garden, a skiing resort, and a water world at Longmen Lake. Note that these attractions may have separate entrance fees.

Local Cuisine and Full Lamb Roast: In the vicinity of Langya Mountain, many rural guesthouses offer full lamb roasts, a local specialty. These roasts are often praised for their crispy outer layer and delicious taste.

Other Attractions in Baoding

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