Bayu Folk Custom Museum – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

chongqing bayu folk custom museum

The Chongqing Bayu Folk Custom Museum (巴渝民俗博物馆), situated in the Yubei District of Chongqing, covers an expansive area of 2,337 square meters and officially opened its doors in 1997. The museum is home to a remarkable collection comprising 5,138 items/sets, providing a captivating journey into the rich cultural tapestry of the Bayu region.

Comprising two distinct buildings, the Chongqing Bayu Folk Custom Museum consists of the main museum building and the Wedding Ceremony Courtyard. The main museum building spans 1,241 square meters and features ancient palace-style architecture with white walls and green glazed tile roofs. The central focal point of the building is a courtyard, complemented by an artificial mountain and water pond on the left side. The Wedding Ceremony Courtyard, spanning 836 square meters, adopts a brick and concrete structure resembling the traditional courtyard architecture of the eastern Sichuan region.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 hour
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours9.00 – 17.00; Last admission: 16.30
Telephone Number0086-023-67821596

Location and Transportation

The Bayu Folk Custom Museum is conveniently located at 97 Shuanglong Avenue, in the Yubei District of Chongqing, China, near the Chongqing Garden Expo Park. Situated adjacent to the Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, its proximity offers both local and international visitors easy access to explore the rich cultural heritage showcased within the museum’s walls. To get there, you can choose one of the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 68, 555, 613, 616, 622, 646, 647, 655, 679, 681, 682, 687, 691, or 697 and get off at Folk Custom Village Stop (民俗文化村站).

Metro: The closest metro station to Chongqing Bayu Folk Custom Museum is Bijin (碧津) on line 3. After getting out of the station from Exit 1, walk about 200 meters to the west to reach the museum.

Highlights of Bayu Folk Custom Museum

Exhibition of Fine Woodcarvings from Qing Dynasty

Exhibition of Fine Woodcarvings from Qing Dynasty in bayu folk custom museum

The museum’s primary exhibition showcases two distinctive themes. The first is the “Exhibition of Fine Woodcarvings from the Qing Dynasty,” occupying approximately 1,000 square meters within the main museum. This exhibition predominantly features carved furniture, shrines, archways, and other folk artifacts from the Qing Dynasty and the Republican era, totaling over 600 items. Among the highlights are the renowned “Number One Shrine in the World,” a Manchu-style gold-carved shrine, and the “Number One Bed in the World,” a six-pillar, five-eave Manchu-style gold-carved bed. These treasures have earned widespread acclaim from both domestic and international visitors. Additionally, the museum proudly presents over 200 wooden sculptures crafted by Jiang Fengming, recognized as one of the “Top Ten Folk Artists in Bayu,” depicting characters from the classic Chinese novels “Water Margin” and “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.”

Life Ceremonies in Bayu Region

Life Ceremonies in Bayu Region in bayu folk custom museum

The second major theme is the “Life Ceremonies in the Bayu Region” displayed in the Wedding Ceremony Courtyard, covering an area of approximately 700 square meters. This exhibition, represented by more than 100 lifelike sculptures, vividly captures the details of life ceremonies in the Bayu region, with a particular focus on the complete process of traditional folk weddings. The narrative unfolds from the matchmaking phase, through betrothal ceremonies, selecting auspicious dates, welcoming the bride, temple ceremonies, entering the bridal chamber, the wedding banquet, playful bedroom antics, to the return visit to the bride’s home. This immersive presentation transports visitors back to the wedding scenes of the Republic of China era in the eastern Sichuan region, offering a delightful and culturally rich experience.

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