Changdang Lake Tourist Resort – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

changdang lake tourist resort

Changdang Lake Tourist Resort (长荡湖旅游度假区), nestled in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, spans approximately 86.7 square kilometers. Regarded as one of Jiangsu’s top ten freshwater lakes, it magnetizes tourists from Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Zhejiang for its scenic beauty. Renowned for its delectable hairy crabs, Changdang Lake captivates visitors, especially during autumn. Beyond relishing the savory flavors of these crabs, visitors can savor the picturesque nightscapes aboard dining boats along the kilometer-long water street.

Strolling along the resort’s wooden walkways offers panoramic views of quintessential Jiangnan water town architecture amidst captivating southern Chinese landscapes. For those seeking a more immersive experience, the Changdang Lake camping site welcomes both new and seasoned campers, fostering communal bonfires and the joy of lakeside camping camaraderie.

Within the surrounding area of Runlin, a historically rich cultural ancient town, lies remnants of significant historical sites. These include Zhou Yu’s military camp during the Three Kingdoms period, the stele pavilion of Chu Guangxi, an imperial censor in the Tang Dynasty, the ruins of the Eight Diagrams Village founded by Zhu Gexian, the ancient Pu Men Chan Temple originating from the Tang Dynasty, and the “Chu’s Tree Virtue Hall,” an ancient gynecology and traditional Chinese medicine store with a legacy spanning several centuries.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours8.30 – 17.30
Telephone Number0086-0519-82518777

Location and Transportation

Changdang Lake Tourist Resort is situated in the southwestern part of Changzhou City, specifically in the town of Rulin within the Jintan District. Unfortunately, because of its relatively remote location, there is currently no bus or subway leading there. Tourists have to drive their own vehicles.

Highlights of Changdang Lake Tourist Resort

Changdang Lake Water Street

Changdang Lake Water Street is a mesmerizing collection of dining boats, merging together to create a network of diverse classical water town structures. A 2060-meter-long wooden boardwalk connects the Changdang Lake Fresh Market on the shore with three distinct areas of Water Street – A, B, and C. The boardwalk is adorned with 224 antique-style landscape lamps, while the dining boats use LED underwater lights to create beautiful patterns. The entire Water Street is illuminated with hanging LED lights in the aquaculture area, presenting a dazzling spectacle at night.

Changdang Lake Water City

Changdang Lake Water City is divided into three parts: South Garden, North Garden, and the Lake Fresh Market, covering an expansive area of nearly 2000 acres. The South Garden focuses on gastronomy and leisure, featuring a gourmet sightseeing commercial street and a leisure vacation area. The North Garden is dedicated to receptions, business events, and tourism, housing business event venues, a folk culture street, and the Changdang Lake Museum. The Lake Fresh Market, spanning 24,000 square meters, is a hub for the trade of aquatic products and fishing equipment.

Explore the Aquaculture Base

Changdang Lake is renowned for producing one of China’s top ten crabs, the Changdang Lake Hairy Crab. The carefully planned and well-organized aquaculture base creates a water city that combines fisheries production with tourist sightseeing. Visitors can navigate the winding waterways on small boats, accompanied by the melodic tunes of fishermen’s songs. They can actively participate in the crab farming process, experiencing the laid-back lifestyle of the fishermen. Throughout the journey, one can witness the lazy sunbathing of the hairy crabs suspended in the fishing nets, ready to be plucked with just a reach.

Changdang Lake Museum

The Changdang Lake Museum, comprised of traditional Hui-style buildings, consists of five main halls: Changdang Lake Scenery and Photography Exhibition, Changdang Lake Liquor Culture Hall, Folk Culture Hall, Fish Culture Hall, and Farming Culture Hall. The Scenery and Photography Exhibition showcases nearly 60 works depicting the landscapes and local customs of Changdang Lake. The Liquor Culture Hall highlights the national intangible cultural heritage – Jintan Sealed Jar Liquor, exhibiting nearly 700 uniquely shaped liquor bottles. The Folk Culture Hall displays various folk features of Jintan, such as dragon lanterns, horse lanterns, lions, and river lanterns. The Fish Culture Hall exhibits tools used in fishermen’s labor and various fish specimens, while the Farming Culture Hall showcases agricultural tools and daily life utensils used by farmers.

Other Attractions in South Changzhou

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