Beijing Yogurt – What it is and why you should try

Beijing yogurt

Yogurt has almost become an everyday necessity for us. And many people have developed the habit of having a cup during breakfast or watching TV programs and films at home. If you are one of them and decide to pay a visit to Beijing, you should not miss this local yogurt.

While most yogurts on the market are fermented in the factory before being packaged and shipped to the supermarket, Beijing yogurt adopts an entirely different technique. The manufacturer pours the fresh milk, probiotics, and cultures into a clay jar, seals it with a piece of paper and an elastic, and waits for the milk to ferment inside. This unique process brings a smoother and thicker taste, although it is still not as thick as Greek yogurt.

Beijing yogurt is sweet and tart at the same time. These two flavors perfectly combine, giving you a fresh experience. Also, instead of using a spoon, you enjoy this food with a plastic straw. Simply pierce through the paper top, and you can drink it.

Beijing yogurt is available in almost every small grocery on the street in Beijing. Normally, you would see many clay jars pile up on the windowsill or desks. Some of the groceries may look a bit shabby, but you do not need to worry about the quality of the products. Most yogurts are delivered on the same day they are produced, and when they are approaching their expiry date, the company recollects them.

Oh, one more thing. Once you buy a jar of yogurt, do not walk away. You should drink it right out of the grocery and return the jar to the seller because the manufacturers recycle them. But take your time, and no one will rush you. Residents nearby can pay a deposit and return it later, but I do not know whether this works for a foreign visitor.

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