Bipeng Gorge, Sichuan – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

bipeng gorge

Located in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, Bipeng Gorge (毕棚沟), with elevations ranging from 2,015 to 5,922 meters, covers an area of 613.8 square kilometers. It serves as both a habitat for giant pandas and a core area for the Miya River. The gorge boasts pristine and picturesque natural landscapes, including glaciers, snow-capped peaks, alpine lakes, virgin forests, streams, waterfalls, mountain meadows, red leaves, flower seas, and colorful forests, earning it the nickname “Switzerland of the East.”

Bipeng Gorge reveals its beauty in every season, but autumn from September to October is particularly recommended. During this period, the gorge is adorned with fiery red maple leaves, creating a mesmerizing picture alongside the lakes and mountains. The vibrant colors make it a truly enchanting sight. Spring arrives later in Bipeng Gorge compared to the surrounding areas, with snow-capped mountains above and blooming wildflowers below, offering a picturesque scene.

For visitors who aren’t avid hikers, exploring Bipeng Gorge is relatively straightforward. After entering the scenic area through the main gate and taking a sightseeing bus through attractions like Dragon King Lake and Nam Lake, you can reach the Upper Shazi Reception Center, covering about 26 kilometers in total. Along the way, you’ll be accompanied by snow-capped mountains, with several spots offering views of red leaves. After resting at Upper Shazi, you can take an electric cart to continue upwards to Panyang Lake, enjoy the scenery, and then return the same way.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourA day
Ticket Price130 RMB (including the prices of admission and shuttle bus)
Opening Hours8.00 – 17.00 (1st May – 30th September)
8.00 – 15.00 (1st October – 30th April)
Telephone Number0086-0837-6824845

Location and Transportation

Bipeng Gorge is located in the southwestern part of China, specifically in the province of Sichuan. It is situated in the mountains of the Ya’an City Prefecture, within the borders of the Li County.

To reach Bipeng Gorge, visitors usually start their journey from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan. From Chengdu, it takes approximately 2-3 hours by road to reach the gorge, covering a distance of around 160 kilometers (99 miles). The route takes travelers through scenic countryside and mountainous terrain, offering glimpses of rural life and picturesque vistas along the way.

Although there are express coaches from Xinnanmen Bus Station (新南门车站) in Chengdu to Bipenggou, the most convenient way to get there is still to drive yourself or sign up for a travel agency.

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Highlights of Bipeng Gorge

Seasonal Beauty

scenic beauty of bipeng gorge

Bipeng Gorge is a spectacular destination throughout the seasons. In spring, the gorge transforms into a colorful canvas with blue skies, white clouds, snow-covered summits, weathered rocks, alpine meadows, shrubs, and mixed forests. Wildflowers, grasses, medicinal herbs, rare animals, and various birds abound, creating a vibrant display of nature. Summer offers a cool respite with vast original forests regulating the climate, purifying the air, and creating a lush, green landscape. Autumn is a mesmerizing spectacle with vibrant red leaves, creating a picturesque scene of golden hues, lush greens, and crystal-clear streams. In winter, the gorge’s magical landscape, featuring tranquility, ruggedness, grandeur, and uniqueness, becomes a winter wonderland with a thick layer of high-quality snow, attracting visitors for winter sports and enchanting snowy landscapes.

Water Features

waterfalls in bipeng gorge

Bipeng Gorge is adorned with enchanting water features, embodying the spirits of water in various forms. Springs emerge from underground, glacier-melted snowwater cascades down, and rainfall adds to the joyous abundance. The gorge hosts majestic waterfalls like the White Dragon, Green Dragon, Soaring Stream, and Flying Dragon Waterfalls, descending from the sky with breathtaking grandeur. Numerous streams rush down from the snowy mountains, through dense forests and from underground, meandering in countless twists and turns, converging into unique highland lakes. The interplay of these diverse water elements adds a delightful charm to the entire gorge, creating a symphony of nature’s beauty with each sparkling cascade and pristine lake.

Hiking and Trekking

Hiking and trekking in bipeng gorge

Half-Back Peak is a coveted destination for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. Mountaineers and hikers from around the world flock here annually, making it a popular climbing destination. The peak also serves as a link to the nearby Yomei Peak on the way to Siguniang Mountain. Heading northeast along the ridge leads to Dahuang Peak, standing at 5,922 meters and ranking as the second-highest peak in the Aba Autonomous Prefecture. The trail from Changping Gully to Bipeng Gorge is recognized as one of “China’s Ten Classic Long-Distance Hiking Routes,” often referred to as “China’s Alps” due to its mysterious and captivating allure. This trek offers a thrilling adventure for those seeking the challenges and beauty of high-altitude exploration.

Wildlife and Flora

wildlife and flora in bipeng gorge

Bipeng Gorge is rich in plant diversity, with a wide variety of plant species. There are a total of 1,010 higher plant species, constituting about one-fifth of the total plant species in the country. Among them, the Lignosus tree, unique to China, is now listed in the catalog of China’s rare and endangered wild plants. The gorge is home to 76 species of mammals and 210 species of birds, including nationally protected species like the giant panda, forest musk deer, masked palm civet, Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkey, goral, leopard, macaque, Tibetan macaque, black bear, red panda, blue sheep, and more.

Ancient Glacier

ancient glacier in bipeng gorge

Bipeng Gorge is graced with the presence of an ancient glacier, a captivating reminder of the region’s glacial history. Nestled amidst the majestic mountains, this ancient ice formation stands as a testament to the power of time and nature. The glacier, with its glistening ice and imposing size, serves as a living relic of the past, offering visitors a glimpse into the Earth’s geological transformations. Its presence adds an element of awe and wonder to the gorge, creating a unique and mesmerizing experience for those fortunate enough to witness this ancient marvel firsthand.

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Useful Tips from Genuine Reviews

Accommodation near Li County: For those visiting Bipenggou (毕棚沟), it’s recommended to stay in Li County. There are more hotel options available, and it’s only a half-hour drive from the scenic area. Li County is at a lower altitude (around 1800 meters), reducing the risk of altitude sickness.

Alternative Accommodation in Gu’ergou: Gu’ergou is suggested as an alternative option. It’s also a half-hour drive from Bipenggou, and during the winter, there are many hot spring hotels available.

Skiing Information: There is a brief mention of a ski resort with a simple layout, priced at 120 yuan per hour. However, it’s noted that the skiing area is small.

Altitude Considerations: The region has an altitude of 3500+, making it prone to altitude sickness. Visitors who are not accustomed to high altitudes or don’t engage in regular exercise are advised to be cautious. Intense physical activity at high altitudes can lead to altitude sickness.

Highlighting Scenic Spots: Panyang Lake (磐羊湖) and Swallow Rock (燕子岩) are mentioned as the most beautiful spots in Bipenggou. It’s suggested not to linger too long at Longwang Lake (龙王海), except during autumn when the colorful forests make it worth a visit. Move quickly to the next transfer point.

Limited and Expensive Food Options: Food and fruits are said to be scarce and expensive in the area. It’s recommended for visitors to buy supplies in advance, including fruits rich in water content. Avoid purchasing too many bread and biscuit-type snacks as they may not be enjoyable within the scenic area.

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