Changshou Lake Scenic Area, Chongqing – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

changshou lake chongqing

Changshou Lake (长寿湖), also known as Longevity Lake, is a picturesque gem nestled in the eastern part of Chongqing’s Changshou District. This captivating man-made lake was created in the 1950s by intercepting the Longxi River, resulting in a sprawling water body covering an area of 65.5 square kilometers and adorned with a total of 203 islands of various sizes. The most remarkable feature of this lake is a unique arrangement of 19 islands and peninsulas forming the character “寿” (shou, meaning longevity), measuring 1,299 meters in length, 699 meters in width, and occupying 33 hectares, giving it the name Changshou Lake (Longevity Lake).

Visitors to Changshou Lake have a range of options for exploring its scenic beauty. They can choose to take a leisurely ride on sightseeing boats, go for a bike ride, or simply stroll along the lakeshore. This allows them to appreciate the serene lake views, vibrant floral displays, and breathe in the fresh, rejuvenating air, making for a wonderfully tranquil experience. At the north entrance, there is a camping ground known as “Fishing Island” where fishing enthusiasts can showcase their skills and also enjoy camping and barbecues. Choosing a sunny weekend to visit with family and friends is an excellent way to make the most of this idyllic destination.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 day
Ticket PriceAdmission: 32 RMB
Sight-Seeing Bus: 27 RMB
Boat Cruise: 63 RMB
Motor Boat: 90 RMB
Opening Hours8.30 – 17.30; Last admission: 17.30 (1st March – 31st November)
9.00 – 17.00; Last admission: 16.30 (1st December – 28th February)
Telephone Number0086-023-40361888

Location and Transportation

Changshou Lake is located in the northeastern part of Changshou District in Chongqing, China. It is situated approximately 58 kilometers away from the central urban area of Chongqing and about 18 kilometers from the center of Changshou.

To get to Changshou Lake from Chongqing, you can follow these steps:

  1. Head to Chongqing North Railway Station’s North Square.
  2. Take a high-speed train to Changshou Lake Station. Trains depart at 10:56 AM and 11:52 AM daily, and the journey takes approximately 33 minutes.
  3. Upon arrival at Changshou Lake Station, transfer to a tourist shuttle that will take you to Changshou Lake. The shuttle ride lasts about 20 minutes.
  4. The total travel time is approximately 50 minutes.

Important note: When purchasing your train ticket, make sure to select Changshou Lake Station as your destination, not Changshou North Station, to ensure a smooth journey to the lake.

Highlights of Changshou Lake

Various Islands

various islands in changshou lake

One of the notable attractions at Changshou Lake is “Yubin Island,” a petite and charming islet covering an area of 3,000 square meters. Due to its small and elegant appearance, it is often referred to as “Zhu’er Island” or “Pearl Island.” Yubin Island is surrounded by water on all sides, offering a meandering harbor, gentle slopes on the eastern lakeshore, and a spacious water surface. The island is adorned with picturesque pavilions, meandering streams, lush greenery, and fragrant flowers. It is a haven for bird songs and sweet scents. Another notable island is “Gaofeng Island,” featuring winding mountain paths, lush forests, and dense canopies, making it one of the best-preserved forested islands in the Changshou Lake area. Gaofeng Island is home to historical sites like Yingyue Lake, Nigu An Temple, and Guzhaimen. Along the lakeshore of the island, there are numerous tranquil coves, creating a serene environment. In addition to these, there are other islands such as Sanxing Island, Anshun Island, and Rentou Mountain Peninsula, each with its own unique charm.

Changshou Lake Dam

changshou lake dam

The Changshou Lake Dam holds special significance as it was constructed to create the reservoir for the Shizitan Hydropower Station. This station was one of the 156 key projects built with Soviet assistance during China’s “First Five-Year Plan.” The construction of the Shizitan Dam introduced a unique design to China’s hydropower history, being the country’s first rock-fill dam. The dam is 1,014 meters long, 52 meters high, and 8 meters wide, made of reinforced concrete filled with rock. When including the three auxiliary dams, the total length of the water-retaining line reaches 3,880 meters. Despite operating for over six decades, the dam continues to function reliably.

West Bank Scenic Area

west bank scenic area in changshou lake

On the western shore of Changshou Lake lies the West Bank Scenic Area, covering an expansive area of approximately 227 hectares. This scenic area boasts an array of attractions, including Baishou Garden, a waterside amusement center, Baqing Dan Sha Garden, Donghai Temple Lakeside Village, Baihua Island, Romantic Magpie Bridge, Romantic Bathing Area, Romantic Flower Fields, and Lovers’ Hill. Throughout the year, various events and festivals are hosted in the West Bank Scenic Area to celebrate different occasions, such as the Romantic Windmill Festival, Flower World Viewing Season, Dragon Boat Folk Culture Festival, Beer Music Festival, Water Fireworks Show, Fish Catching Competition, and Ironman Triathlon.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Wildlife Encounters at Taiji Island: Taiji Island offers opportunities to encounter various animals such as monkeys enjoying sunbaths, deer foraging around, and peacocks strolling along the roadsides. Additionally, there’s a small children’s playground and an animal park with interactive experiences featuring rabbits, ostriches, goldfish, and lambs.

Changzhou Lake Joy World: Directly opposite Changshou Lake is Changshou Lake Joy World, a sizable amusement park featuring attractions like Ferris wheels, roller coasters, and drop towers. It’s a great option for families and thrill-seekers looking for exciting rides and entertainment.

Transportation Options: The scenic area is extensive, so if you’re not driving yourself, consider purchasing a sightseeing car ticket for convenience. The sightseeing car offers round-trip transportation within the area, saving time and energy. The fare is 25 yuan per person.

Camping Facilities at Changzhou Lake: Changshou Lake offers camping facilities where visitors can bring their own tents or rent them onsite. Additionally, the park provides equipment for grilling and hot pot cooking, as well as fishing rods for recreational activities like barbecue and fishing.

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