Diexi SongpingGou Valley – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

songpinggou valley

Nestled in the heart of Sichuan province, China, the Diexi Songpinggou Valley (叠溪松坪沟) stands as a testament to the breathtaking natural wonders that grace our planet. This enchanting valley, known for its verdant landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and vibrant ecosystem, offers a captivating escape for nature enthusiasts, adventurers, and seekers of tranquility alike. Spanning across an area of remarkable biodiversity, Diexi Songpinggou Valley has garnered recognition as a gem of Sichuan’s natural heritage.

Stretching over 300 square kilometers, this pristine valley is a haven for biodiversity, encompassing a range of ecosystems that support a wide array of plant and animal species. From lush alpine meadows adorned with vibrant wildflowers to dense forests teeming with wildlife, the valley’s diverse habitats create an ecological sanctuary. The valley’s elevation ranges from approximately 1,800 to 4,980 meters above sea level, contributing to its unique and ever-changing environment.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour3 – 4 hours
Ticket Price70 RMB
Opening Hours8.30 – 17.30
Telephone Number0086-028-67079797

Location and transportation

Geographically, Diexi Songpinggou Valley is located within the broader Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. Specifically, it lies within the boundaries of Maoxian County, a region renowned for its picturesque vistas and unique cultural heritage, about 245 kilometers north of Chengdu. The valley’s geographic coordinates center around 31.5492° N latitude and 103.5906° E longitude, placing it within the vast tapestry of Sichuan’s diverse topography.

Tourists from Chengdu can take a coach at Chadianzi Bus Station (茶店子车站) or a high-speed train at Chengdu East Railway Station and then transfer to a shuttle bus at Maoxian County. There are a lot of coaches departing from Chengdu in the morning, so do not worry about the specific time.

Highlights of Diexi Songpinggou Valley

Network of Waterways

network of waterways in songpinggou valley

One of the most remarkable features of Diexi Songpinggou Valley is its intricate network of waterways. Crystal-clear streams meander through the valley, forming stunning waterfalls that punctuate the landscape with their graceful cascades. The rhythmic symphony of flowing water creates an atmosphere of serenity and awe, drawing visitors into a state of harmony with nature. Among the notable waterfalls is the majestic Longmen Waterfall, whose powerful descent evokes a sense of wonder and reverence.

Rich Flora

rich flora in songpinggou valley

The valley’s plant life is equally captivating, showcasing a rich tapestry of flora that evolves with the changing seasons. Rhododendrons paint the hillsides with a riot of color in spring, while the golden hues of autumn foliage create a spellbinding spectacle. Diexi Songpinggou Valley is also home to numerous endemic and rare plant species, some of which hold medicinal or cultural significance. Exploring the valley during different times of the year offers a chance to witness the cyclical beauty of nature’s transformation.

Diverse Wildlife

diverse wildlife in songpnggou valley

Wildlife enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise as they encounter the diverse animal species that inhabit the valley. From elusive snow leopards and red pandas to a plethora of avian species, the valley’s fauna adds to its allure. The pristine habitats provide a safe haven for these creatures, allowing for both conservation and observation. Wildlife watching, conducted responsibly and with a sense of respect for the animals’ natural habitats, is a cherished activity for visitors.

Outdoor Activities

outdoor activities in songpinggou valley

For those seeking adventure, Diexi Songpinggou Valley offers a myriad of outdoor activities that allow one to fully immerse themselves in the embrace of nature. Trekking along the valley’s well-maintained trails, visitors can explore its hidden gems, from secret glens to panoramic viewpoints that offer vistas of unparalleled beauty. The experience of witnessing the sunrise or sunset over the valley’s undulating landscapes is nothing short of magical.

Preservation and Tourism

Preservation and Tourism in songpinggou

Preservation and sustainable tourism efforts have been key in maintaining the pristine condition of Diexi Songpinggou Valley. Local authorities, in collaboration with environmental organizations, have implemented measures to ensure that the valley’s delicate ecosystems remain unspoiled by human activity. Visitors are encouraged to follow responsible tourism practices, such as staying on designated trails, minimizing waste, and respecting the local culture.

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Useful Tips from Reviews

  1. Sightseeing Route:
    • The sightseeing cars take you directly to the highest point, Changhai, without stopping midway. The downhill exploration starts from the top, covering a distance of approximately 7 kilometers.
    • It’s recommended to take your time walking down the trails. Even those with average stamina should consider walking at least the segment from Wocai Chi (Five-color Pool) to Mo Hai, passing by the Pearl Waterfall. The misty water vapor and the fragrance of trees and moss create a captivating atmosphere.
  2. Scenic Highlights:
    • The route from the mountain top to the base includes attractions such as White Stone Sea, Mo Hai, Cui Zhu Gou (Emerald Bamboo Valley), Wocai Chi (Five-color Pool), and Changhai.
    • The lower part of the mountain offers better views, so if you arrive early, consider exploring from the bottom up.
  3. Transportation and Parking:
    • The parking lot is about 8 kilometers away from the entrance, but there’s a free shuttle service available.
  4. Food Recommendations:
    • The barbecue at the entrance of the scenic area is highly recommended. The braised beef is not only cheaper than in Chengdu but also delicious.
    • The area inside the valley does not have food stalls, and the small store at the entrance might be a bit outdated. It’s advisable to buy snacks or meals in advance before starting your journey.

Attractions near Diexi Songpinggou Valley

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