Douhua Fan (Spicy Tofu Rice)

douhua fan

“Douhua Fan,” also known as Spicy Tofu Rice, is a common snack found in the Sichuan, Chongqing, and Guizhou regions of China. Douhua, or tofu pudding, is known for its tender texture, and when paired with spicy dipping sauce, it becomes a refreshing and appetizing dish that complements rice well. This quick and simple meal consists of a bowl of tofu pudding, a bowl of steamed rice, and a small dish of spicy dipping sauce. In the traditional style, many Sichuan locals enjoy Douhua Fan with a side of “Shao Bai” (braised pork with pickled mustard greens) or a small glass of liquor.

This dish is praised for its simplicity, freshness, and affordability. For just a few yuan, one can have a satisfying lunch or dinner. Making it at home is also straightforward, as tofu pudding and bean sprouts are readily available. Families can easily prepare this dish and enjoy a delightful meal together. When served with steamed cured pork, the combination of flavors from both meat and vegetables creates a harmonious and delightful experience. Adding corn rice or buckwheat rice as side options further enhances the dining experience. Douhua Fan allows for personal customization, and adding a touch of pickled vegetables makes it not only cost-effective but also flavorful and enjoyable.

The ingredients for Douhua Fan include steamed rice, tofu pudding, yellow bean sprouts, minced pork, water-soaked soybeans, chili oil, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate (MSG), minced ginger, and chopped green onions. The yellow bean sprouts are placed in a bowl after being cooked in water, and the tofu pudding, along with its cooking broth, is poured over them. The spicy dipping sauce is made by combining minced pork, water-soaked soybeans, chili oil, soy sauce, salt, MSG, minced ginger, chopped green onions, and cilantro. Dipping the yellow bean sprouts and tofu pudding into the sauce creates a dish that is not only fragrant, spicy, and warming but also pairs excellently with rice. It’s a perfect choice for those who crave a light and flavorful meal after indulging in heavier dishes.

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