Douzhi – Beijing breakfast

beijing douzhi

Douzhi or Douzhier (豆汁) is a traditional Beijing breakfast beverage that has been enjoyed by locals for hundreds of years. It is a fermented drink made from mung beans and is typically served hot in a small bowl. The taste of douzhi is tangy and slightly sour, with a distinctive aroma that is both savory and earthy.

To make douzhi, mung beans are first soaked and then ground into a fine paste. The paste is then mixed with water and left to ferment for several days in a warm and humid environment. During the fermentation process, the natural bacteria present in the mixture break down the sugars in the mung beans, creating a sour flavor and a fizzy texture.

In Beijing, douzhi is often served alongside a selection of savory pastries and fried dough sticks known as youtiao. This classic breakfast combination is enjoyed by both locals and visitors to the city and is a popular way to start the day.

Despite its popularity, douzhi has a somewhat polarizing reputation, with some people loving its unique flavor and others finding it too strong. However, many Beijing residents swear by its health benefits, which include aiding digestion and detoxifying the body.

In recent years, douzhi has seen a resurgence in popularity, with many modern cafes and restaurants putting their own spin on this traditional beverage. Some establishments offer douzhi mixed with milk or flavored with fruit syrups, while others serve it with a variety of toppings like red bean paste or sesame seeds.

Overall, douzhi is a beloved part of Beijing’s culinary heritage and a must-try for anyone visiting the city. Whether you prefer it plain and traditional or mixed with your favorite flavors, there’s no denying that this unique beverage is a true taste of Beijing.

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