Dress Code in Longhua Temple

dress coade in longhua temple

Longhua Temple is a Buddhist temple located in Shanghai, China, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. The temple is a place of worship and spiritual practice, and as such, visitors are expected to dress modestly and respectfully. While there is no strict dress code, visitors are encouraged to dress appropriately to show respect for the religious and cultural significance of the temple.

Here are some guidelines for an appropriate dress when visiting Longhua Temple:

Cover your shoulders and knees – Shorts, tank tops, and sleeveless tops are not recommended for either men or women. Visitors should also avoid wearing short skirts or dresses that do not cover their knees.

Avoid tight-fitting or revealing clothing – Clothing that is too tight or revealing can be considered disrespectful in a religious setting. It’s best to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that covers your body appropriately.

Cover your tattoos – While tattoos are becoming more common in China, they are still associated with criminal gangs and can be seen as disrespectful in a temple setting. Visitors are advised to cover up any visible tattoos when visiting Longhua Temple.

Avoid wearing hats or sunglasses – Visitors should remove their hats and sunglasses when entering the main hall of the temple. This is a sign of respect and is also important to allow for clear vision when admiring the temple’s artwork and statues.

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