Fenghuang Island, Yangzhou – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Transportation, and Highlights

fenghuang island yangzhou

Nestled in the northeastern outskirts of Yangzhou, Fenghuang Island (凤凰岛) is a picturesque peninsula that stretches into the Grand Canal, offering a pristine natural environment on the vast plains of the Jianghuai region. It is a wetland eco-tourism area that comprises “Seven Rivers and Eight Islands,” covering approximately 138 square kilometers of water and 35 square kilometers of land. Lush vegetation and extensive wetlands provide a sanctuary for diverse wildlife, including graceful white egrets, making it a perfect destination for a family outing.

The island invites visitors to leisurely strolls along the Grand Canal, indulge in lakeside barbecues, enjoy various recreational facilities, and marvel at the peacocks that roam freely throughout the area. Fenghuang Island offers a range of paid recreational activities, including horse racing, water sports like jet skiing and speed boating, and tandem parasailing. For those seeking a more immersive experience, the island features the Porcelain Art Workshop, the Agricultural Workshop, and a fishing platform where visitors can participate in hands-on activities.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour3 hours
Ticket Price30 RMB
Opening Hours8.30 – 17.00
Telephone Number0086-0514-87284448

Location and Transportation

Fenghuang Island is located in the northeastern outskirts of Taian Town, Guangling District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, which is approximately 12 kilometers away from the city center. To get there, tourists can take bus 10 and get off at Fenghuangdao Stop (凤凰岛站).

Highlights of Fenghuang Island

Chigusi Huguo Temple

Originally located near the Bihu Island, this temple was initially constructed during the Qing Dynasty under Emperor Qianlong’s reign. It was bestowed upon the region by Emperor Qianlong himself during his tour of southern China. In 2005, it was reconstructed on the elevated shore of Shaobo Lake near the entrance of the tourist area. Covering 11.15 acres, the temple complex includes the Mountain Gate Hall (Tianwang Hall), Yuantong Treasure Hall, east and west auxiliary halls, Duotian Temple, Guandi Temple, and the Fenghuang Pagoda.

Guijiang Ten Dam Ruins

Built during the Kangxi and Qianlong eras of the Qing Dynasty, these ruins are located at the southern end of Shaobo Lake. The site features ten large dams designed to regulate water levels, serving multiple functions such as irrigation, flood control, and navigation. It is considered one of the four great ancient water conservancy projects in China, alongside the Dujiangyan Irrigation System in Sichuan, the Lingqu Canal in Guangxi, and the Karez irrigation system in Xinjiang. The tourist area now includes the remains of the ancient Dongwan Dam.

Ciyun Mountain Villa

Owned by Mr. Lu Lujun, who is also known as Bao Yi, this villa offers a unique experience for visitors. Lu Lujun, originally a renowned painter from Yangzhou, later specialized in blue and white porcelain art in Jingdezhen, known as the “Contemporary King of Chinese Blue and White.” The villa consists of an exhibition hall featuring both ancient and modern blue and white porcelain, a pottery workshop, a painting studio, two small kilns, and a porcelain bar where visitors can explore their creative side.

Jufeng Island

Covering approximately 250 acres, Jufeng Island is the smallest and most ecologically pristine wetland island among the eight islands in the Fenghuang Island ecotourism area. When viewed from the sky, its shape resembles a swan with its neck buried in its wings, resting on the tranquil waters. The island boasts a diverse landscape, including rivers, ponds, marshes, and beaches. Its dense foliage, lush vines, and wild grasses provide a year-round habitat for migratory birds like white egrets and wild ducks. Jufeng Island is a living testament to the natural beauty of the plain-lake wetland ecosystem between the Yangtze and Huaihe Rivers, offering visitors a glimpse into the unspoiled wonders of nature.

Grand Canal Boardwalk

Occupying 13,000 square meters, the Grand Canal Boardwalk replaces the cement embankment that once separated the Grand Canal from the tidal flats on the island. It consists of an interconnected series of wooden boardwalks and platforms of varying heights, providing a pathway along the embankment. Additionally, the boardwalk features seating areas, riverside hammocks, and a riverside coffee bar, offering visitors the perfect outdoor relaxation spot. Guests can also stand on the wooden walkways to enjoy panoramic views of the picturesque Grand Canal.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Renting Four-Person Pedal Bikes: Upon entering, consider renting a four-person pedal bike for 100 yuan per day. These bikes are spacious, allowing you to carry items without exposing yourself to too much sunlight. Remember to return the bike at the entrance before 16:30.

Boat Options: Explore the waters with various boat options, including electric boats at 100 yuan per hour, as well as paddle and rowing boats. When rowing, bring some Chinese cabbage to feed swans and ducks, especially enjoyable for children.

Prepare Your Own Food and Drinks: There are not many commercial facilities around, and food delivery services might not be available. Bring your own snacks and drinks to ensure you have provisions during your visit.

Close Encounters with Animals: Fenghuang Island offers the chance to observe various small animals, including alpacas, peacocks, ducks, geese, and even a fleeting glimpse of a small deer. It’s a unique opportunity to get up close to these creatures.

Cherry and Mulberry Picking: Inside the park, there are fee-based cherry and mulberry gardens where you can enjoy fruit picking. Additionally, there’s a newly opened picnic area for visitors.

Wetland Park and Hot Spring Hotels: Fenghuang Island’s wetland park features many hot spring hotels. If interested, you can choose to spend a night in one of these hotels to further explore the area.

Attractions near Fenghuang Island

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