Tomb of Emperor Yang of Sui, Yangzhou – Ticket, Opening hours, Location, and Highlights

tomb of emperor yang of sui yangzhou

Emperor Yang of Sui’s tomb (隋炀帝墓), situated in the northern outskirts of Yangzhou, is a monument constructed by later generations, imitating the architectural style of the Sui Dynasty. Although it exhibits some grandeur, the tomb’s size doesn’t meet the standards of an imperial mausoleum. Additionally, its remote location results in few visitors, rendering the final resting place of this enigmatic emperor eerily quiet and reflective of his tumultuous life.

During the twilight of the Sui Dynasty, the rebellion led by Yuwen Huaji in Yangzhou forced Emperor Yang Guang to his death. He was initially buried beneath the Flowing Pearl Hall in Jiangdu Palace. After the Tang Dynasty subdued the southern regions, they moved his remains to a location 4 kilometers north of present-day Yangzhou, on the southern slope of Leitang. This is the origin of Emperor Yang’s tomb. The tomb was destroyed over time, and it wasn’t until the 12th year of the Jiaqing era in the Qing Dynasty (1807) that Grand Secretary Ruan Yuan erected a monument, inscribed with “Emperor Yang of Sui’s Tomb,” and the Prefect of Yangzhou, Yi Bingshou, wrote an inscription.

The tomb complex is laid out from south to north and consists of several key components, including stone archways, the tomb gate, Leitang (a terrace), a stone bridge, a sacrificial platform, a spirit path, city walls, stone steles, and the actual tomb mound. The burial mound is a neatly structured flat-topped pyramid, standing at a height of 12 meters, with all four sides forming regular isosceles trapezoids. Within the complex, there are two side halls. One houses historical materials related to Emperor Yang’s life, while the other serves as an exhibition hall for calligraphy and paintings, featuring works by renowned artists from Jiangsu Province and Yangzhou.

Another Sui Emperor Yang’s tomb was recently discovered in Caozhuang, Sutu Village, Xihu Town, Yangzhou, leading to doubts about the authenticity of the one in Huai’er Village, Huaisi Town. Nevertheless, the tomb restored by Ruan Yuan during the Qing Dynasty remains an important cultural relic. If you wish to delve into the roller-coaster history of the Sui Dynasty, which reached its zenith and downfall under Emperor Yang’s rule, visiting this site is still worthwhile.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 hour
Ticket Price20 RMB
Opening hours8.30 – 17.00
Telephone Number0086-0514-87661320

Location and Transportation

The tomb of Emperor Yang of Sui is located at 102 Suiyang Road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. To get there, tourists can take bus 303 and get off at Suiyangdi Ling Stop (隋炀帝陵站).

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