Gaoyao Rice Terraces – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

gaoyao rice terraces

Gaoyao Rice Terraces (高要梯田), located in Danzhai County, Guizhou Province, showcase a breathtaking landscape of over a thousand mu (approximately 67 hectares) of terraced fields perched atop a mountain. Following the natural contours of the terrain, the terraces cascade in layers, reaching an elevation of 866 meters at the highest point and 643 meters at the lowest. Each September, as the rice grains mature, the terraces transform into a picturesque canvas of alternating hues of yellow and green, attracting numerous tourists and photography enthusiasts.

The origins of these terraced fields trace back to the Tang Dynasty, with continuous expansion during the late Qing Dynasty, the Republican era, and post-liberation. The local residents diligently cultivated the land over more than 800 years, resulting in the grand and expansive “Gaoyao Terraced Field Cluster.” Covering an area of over 400 mu (approximately 26.7 hectares), these terraces constitute 72% of the total agricultural land in the village, reflecting the significance of this living legacy carved out by the ancestors.

The terraces exhibit a distinct stepped pattern, extending from the mountaintop to the valley along an east-west axis, with a vertical height of 600 meters. On the north-south axis, they span 1300 meters from the entrance of the village road to the opposite mountain slope of Yangjia Village. The largest terrace is just over one mu, while the smallest row accommodates only two rice plants.

The scenery of Gaoyao Rice Terraces undergoes a captivating transformation with the changing seasons, each offering a unique and enchanting palette. In spring, the terraces resemble silver ribbons, with ploughing oxen and farmers dotting the mirror-like fields, creating a picturesque scene of spring plowing. Summer adorns the terraces in lush greenery, presenting a spectacular and azure spectacle. As autumn arrives, the fields showcase a golden landscape with bountiful harvests and the fragrance of ripened rice waves through the air, creating a mesmerizing view. In winter, the terraces appear like a sculpted masterpiece, glistening in pristine white akin to jade. The Gaoyao Rice Terraces thus stand as a testament to the enduring beauty and agricultural heritage shaped by the changing seasons over centuries.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours24 hours a day

Location and Transportation

Gaoyao Rice Terraces are located in Gaoyao Village, Danzhai County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, China. Gaoyao Village is approximately 8 kilometers away from the county seat of Danzhai, and Danzhai County is about 80 kilometers from the capital of Qiandongnan Prefecture, Kaili City. Additionally, it is less than 60 kilometers from the capital of Qiannan Prefecture, Duyun City, and only 190 kilometers from the provincial capital of Guizhou Province, Guiyang City.

To reach Gaoyao Rice Terraces, you have several transportation options:

  1. From Guiyang:
    • Take a bus from Guiyang’s East Bus Station to Danzhai County. From Danzhai, transfer to another bus heading to Gaoyao.
  2. From Kaili (by train):
    • Take a train to Kaili and then transfer to a bus at Kaili Zhoulin Bus Station heading to Danzhai County. Buses run approximately every fifteen minutes. From Danzhai, take another bus to Gaoyao.
  3. From Three Gorges County Station or Duyun East Station (by high-speed train):
    • Take a high-speed train to either Three Gorges County Station or Duyun East Station. From there, you can find buses that stop near Gaoyao Village.

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