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Guizhou Province, often abbreviated as “Gui” or “Qian”, boasts Guiyang as its capital city. Situated in the southwestern part of China, it rests atop the Yungui Plateau. The terrain slopes from west to east, characterized by numerous highland mountains, earning it the moniker “eight slices of mountains, one slice of river, and one slice of field.” It stands as the only province in China without plains. This unique landscape seems like a captivating gift from nature to China, with its mountains ranging from picturesque to rugged, and its waters varying from grandiose to serene. Amidst the rare plains lie distinctive ethnic villages, each exuding its own charm.

The southwestern part of Guizhou encompasses the Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (Xingyi City), the southeastern part embraces the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture (Kaili City), and the southern part hosts the Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. These three autonomous prefectures encapsulate the entirety of Miao and Dong ethnic cultures, embodying their customs, traditions, and history. In towns like Zhenyuan, extensive ancient residential courtyards, alleyways, docks, and ethnic folk cultures blend into vibrant and diverse cultural tapestries.

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Guizhou enjoys a mild climate with little temperature variation, averaging around 15°C. Due to its lower latitude, winters are not harsh, and summers are not excessively hot. In January, the coldest month, temperatures range from 3°C to 8°C, while in July, the hottest month, temperatures range from 18°C to 26°C.

Spring (March-May): Spring is the flower season in Guizhou, with various blossoms competing to bloom, creating a vibrant natural landscape. The pleasant climate makes it ideal for outdoor activities, allowing tourists to admire beautiful natural scenery such as Libo Xiaoqikong and Tianhetan, famous attractions in the region.

Summer (June-August): Summer marks the rainy season in Guizhou. Despite the abundant rainfall, it is the best time to admire waterfalls and streams. Huangguoshu Waterfall, with its abundant water flow, exhibits magnificent grandeur during this time. Additionally, visitors can experience tranquil summer days in ancient towns like Qingyan and Zhenyuan.

Autumn (September-November): Autumn is considered the prime tourist season in Guizhou, with cool weather perfect for outdoor activities. Many ethnic festivals take place during this time, offering visitors the chance to explore the villages of ethnic minorities such as the Miao and Dong in the Qiandongnan region and immerse themselves in rich ethnic cultures. Autumn also provides an excellent opportunity to admire red leaves and autumn scenery.

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Guizhou Cold-Tossed Chicken Blood
Guizhou Cold-Tossed Chicken Blood
Guizhou Cold-Tossed Chicken Blood (贵州凉拌鸡血) is an exceptionally unique traditional snack, deeply beloved by locals. Renowned for its distinctive taste and...
doumi hot pot (green beans Soup Hot Pot)
Doumi Hot Pot (green beans Soup Hot Pot)
Doumi Hot Pot (豆米火锅) is a traditional hot pot dish in Guiyang, with its roots tracing back to a common household dish in Guizhou known as “Doumi...
zunyi douhua mian (tofu pudding noodles)
Zunyi Douhua Mian (Tofu Pudding Noodles)
Zunyi Douhua Mian (遵义豆花面), or Zunyi Tofu Pudding Noodles, is a distinctive noodle dish originating from the Zunyi region of Guizhou, boasting a long history...
Shuicheng Luo Guo (Shuicheng Iron Pan)
Shuicheng Luo Guo (Shuicheng Iron Pan)
Shuicheng Luo Guo (水城烙锅), or Shuicheng Iron Pan, is a distinctive snack originating from the Liupanshui area of Guizhou province, boasting a rich history...
Guizhou Mao Du Hot Pot (Tripe Hot Pot)
Guizhou Mao Du Hot Pot (Tripe Hot Pot)
Guizhou Mao Du Hot Pot stands as a radiant gem in Guizhou’s hot pot culture, cherished by food enthusiasts for its unique flavors and rich taste....
Weining Qiao Su (Buckwheat Pastry)
Weining Qiao Su (Buckwheat Pastry)
Weining Qiao Su (威宁荞酥), or Weining Buckwheat Pastry, is a special pastry with a deep historical and cultural heritage originating from the Weining region...
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