Weining Qiao Su (Buckwheat Pastry)

Weining Qiao Su (Buckwheat Pastry)

Weining Qiao Su (威宁荞酥), or Weining Buckwheat Pastry, is a special pastry with a deep historical and cultural heritage originating from the Weining region of Guizhou. It has gained widespread acclaim for its unique flavor and intricate craftsmanship.

First and foremost, the main ingredient of Weining Qiao Su is bitter buckwheat flour, which not only is rich in nutrients but also carries a distinct aroma. During the preparation process, various ingredients such as vegetable oil, granulated sugar, and eggs are added to enrich the flavor of the pastry. Through meticulous baking, Weining Qiao Su presents a characteristic aroma, crisp texture, sweet taste, and refreshing mouthfeel, allowing each bite to deliver its unique charm.

Weining Qiao Su comes in various shapes including flat round and flat square, often adorned with intricate patterns, and boasts a golden hue, hence earning the nickname “Golden Pastry”. It comes in a wide array of fillings such as white sugar, washed sand, rose, fire elbow, crystal, and jujube paste, each offering its own distinctive taste. Whether as a daily snack or a festive gift, Weining Qiao Su is cherished by many.

It’s worth noting that the craftsmanship involved in making Weining Qiao Su is quite unique. Each step, from ingredient selection to dough preparation, filling, shaping, and baking, requires strict control to ensure the quality of the final product. It is this exquisite craftsmanship that allows Weining Qiao Su to become a locally distinctive delicacy.

Moreover, Weining Qiao Su carries rich cultural connotations. Legend has it that the wife of the chieftain of the Yi ethnic group in Shuixi, She Cui, once presented a pastry called “Nine Dragons Offering Longevity” made from buckwheat flour, brown sugar, lard, eggs, and spices as a tribute to Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty, from the Wusa region (now Weining and Hezhang areas). Zhu Yuanzhang praised the Qiao Su after tasting it, calling it a “precious commodity from the south”. This legend not only showcases the historical origins of Weining Qiao Su but also reflects its significant status in Chinese traditional culture.

In conclusion, Weining Qiao Su is not just a culinary delight but also a testament to cultural heritage and expression. Its unique flavor, craftsmanship, and rich cultural significance have made it a distinctive delicacy in Guizhou and even across the nation. Whether savoring its delicious taste or exploring its historical and cultural background, one cannot help but be captivated by the unique charm of Weining Qiao Su.

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