Zhaoxing Dong Village, Guizhou – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

zhaoxing dong village

Zhaoxing Dong Village (肇兴侗寨), spanning 180,000 square meters, stands as one of the largest Dong ethnic villages in China, home to over 6,000 residents and earning the title of “First Village of the Dong People.” Originally named “Zhao Dong,” the village is situated in a narrow east-west valley, where two streams converge into a river that flows through the village. Notably, the river hosts six picturesque Wind and Rain Bridges, named for the sheltered walkways atop the bridges.

The village boasts a charming landscape with its unique architecture, featuring exclusively stilted houses built along the riverbank. Zhaoxing Dong Village’s houses are characterized by their traditional Dong style, providing a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing arrangement. The village is exclusively inhabited by the Lu family of the Dong ethnic group, organized into five major family clans known as “Tuan,” each residing in distinct natural zones. These family groups are identified as Ren Tuan (Benevolence), Yi Tuan (Righteousness), Li Tuan (Ritual), Zhi Tuan (Wisdom), and Xin Tuan (Trust). This cultural diversity, combined with the village’s scenic beauty and architectural uniqueness, makes Zhaoxing Dong Village a captivating destination that preserves the rich heritage of the Dong ethnic group.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 days
Ticket Price80 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 24.00
Telephone Number0086-0855-6161216

Location and Transportation

Zhaoxing Dong Village is nestled in the southeastern region of Liping County, within the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou Province, China. The village enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate, making it particularly inviting during the summer and autumn seasons.

The most convenient way to reach Zhaoxing Dong Village is by taking a high-speed train to Congjiang Station (从江站). From Congjiang Station, visitors can proceed to the bus station nearby, where minibusses are available to transport them directly to the entrance of the village. Notably, there is no need to purchase a sightseeing bus ticket, simplifying the journey and making it more accessible.

Highlights of Zhaoxing Dong Village

Drum Tower Complex

drum tower complex in zhaoxing dong village

Zhaoxing Dong Village is renowned for its unique Drum Tower complex, making it a standout among Dong villages nationwide. Its Drum Towers have achieved global recognition by securing a place in the Guinness World Records and are celebrated as the “Homeland of Drum Tower Cultural Arts.” Serving not only as a symbol of the Dong ethnic group but also as a multifunctional space, the Drum Towers are places of leisure, hospitality for guests, venues for gatherings and meetings, and even tools for communication and alerting the community.

The village is divided into five Tuan (family) groups, and each Tuan has its own distinct Drum Tower, Flower Bridge, and Stage. The five Drum Towers exhibit remarkable diversity in terms of appearance, height, size, and architectural style, creating a breathtaking spectacle.

  1. Ren Tuan Drum Tower: Featuring seven eaves and an octagonal pointed roof, standing at a height of 21.7 meters with a footprint of 60 square meters.
  2. Yi Tuan Drum Tower: Boasting eleven eaves and an octagonal pointed roof, towering at 25.8 meters with a footprint of 81.6 square meters.
  3. Li Tuan Drum Tower: Showcasing thirteen eaves and an octagonal pointed roof, reaching a height of 23.1 meters with a footprint of 70.3 square meters.
  4. Zhi Tuan Drum Tower: Displaying nine eaves and an octagonal hipped roof, standing at 14.9 meters with a footprint of 77.3 square meters.
  5. Xin Tuan Drum Tower: Highlighting eleven eaves and an octagonal pointed roof, soaring to a height of 25.9 meters with a footprint of 78.3 square meters.

Stilted Houses

stilted houses in zhaoxing dong village

Zhaoxing Dong Village, adorned with stilted houses crafted from fir wood, presents a mesmerizing landscape of meticulously arranged structures. These houses, crowned with dark-green tiles on their pitched roofs, exude a timeless and practical elegance. The village’s panoramic view unfolds majestically from the vantage point of Zhaoxing Middle School’s observation deck, offering a clear vista of the entire village. Alternatively, one can capture Zhaoxing’s splendor from the hillside across the sixth newly built Wind and Rain Bridge downstream from the Meow Cat Flower Bridge. Here, the town’s full panorama comes into view, offering an evening rendezvous at the local bars and open-air performances, immersing visitors in the Dong ethnic culture.

Thriving Center for Music and Dance

thriving center for music and dance in zhaoxing dong village

Zhaoxing Dong Village is not just a hub for Drum Towers but also a thriving center for music and dance. Zhaoxing hosts Dong singing troupes and theatrical performances, where during festivals or visits by guests, the Dong community gathers at the Drum Towers or singing platforms for cultural activities like “stepping into the singing hall” or “carrying the official.” Dong music, in particular, holds immense renown, encompassing various forms such as grand Dong songs, cicada songs, stepping-hall songs, road-blocking songs, pipa songs, bull-leg lute songs, drinking songs, love songs, mountain songs, river songs, narrative songs, and children’s songs. The melodious tunes of Dong songs, especially the multivoiced harmonies, resonate deeply, captivating audiences worldwide.

Once every two years during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Lusheng Festival takes place, featuring spirited competitions between locals and visitors in playing the lusheng, a traditional reed-pipe instrument. The air fills with the melodies of lusheng and songs, creating a vibrant and extraordinary spectacle that captivates with its exuberance and grandeur.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Take Your Time to Explore: Zhaoxing Dong Village is best experienced at a leisurely pace. Avoid the crowds by exploring the side streets and paths along the riverbank for a more authentic and serene experience of the ancient village.

Dining Experience: The specialty in Zhaoxing Dong Village is sour soup, which comes in various forms such as sour fish and sour beef. The taste is reminiscent of Thai-style Tom Yum soup with a unique herbal flavor. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste this local delicacy.

Cultural Performances: Consider attending cultural performances such as the Dong ethnic group’s grand song (68 RMB) or the bonfire party (68 RMB). The Dong grand song showcases traditional themes of farming, weaving, and courtship rituals, while the bonfire party offers interactive activities such as dancing and traditional games like “marriage proposal” and “stepping on wooden boards.”

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