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hongluo temple

Hongluo Temple (红螺寺), located in Huairou District, Beijing, has a rich history dating back to the Eastern Jin Dynasty in the year 338 AD. It is considered the birthplace of Buddhism in northern China and is the largest Buddhist monastery in the region, often referred to as the “Putuo of the North” in comparison to the famous Mount Putuo in the south. Throughout the ages, Hongluo Temple has been a sacred destination for Buddhist worship and prayer in the Beijing area. The temple grounds are adorned with ancient towering trees, and its seasonal attractions include blooming flowers in spring, a cool retreat in summer, the vibrant hues of red leaves in autumn, and the scenic beauty of pine trees, plum blossoms, and bamboo in winter.

Hongluo Temple is divided into two main sections: the main temple area and the Guanyin Temple at the summit. The main temple area, including the Mahavira Hall and the Five Hundred Arhats Forest are not extensive, with a circumference of a few hundred meters, making it possible to explore on foot in about an hour. In addition to Buddhist rituals, visitors can appreciate the abundant plant life within the temple, with three notable scenes – “Imperial Bamboo Grove,” “Male and Female Ginkgo Trees,” and “Wisteria on Pine Trees”.

After exploring the temple, visitors can ascend the hillside along a small path, climbing approximately a thousand steps. Along the way, different statues of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin) appear, each with unique features, making the ascent both spiritually enriching and visually engaging. The Guanyin Temple at the mountain top is believed to be particularly efficacious for those seeking blessings for childbirth, attracting many worshippers. From the summit, one can enjoy panoramic views of the rolling mountains and towns below, offering a sense of expansiveness and tranquility.

For those who may find the climb challenging, there is an alternative option to descend using the scenic area’s slide, covering a distance of approximately 800 meters and providing a direct route to the Guanyin Temple at the mountain top.

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Basic Information

Estimated length of Tour3 hours
Ticket Price54 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 17.00 (1st May – 30th September)
8.30 – 16.00 (1st October – 30th April the next year)
Telephone Number0086-010-60681518

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Location and Transportation

Hongluo Temple is located in the northern part of Beijing, China, at the foot of Hongluo Mountain. Situated in the Huairou District, it offers a serene and picturesque setting away from the bustling city center. To get to Hongluo Temple from Beijing, you can choose the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 916 at Dongzhimen Station (东直门车站) and transfer to H57 at Huairou Bus Station (怀柔汽车站) to get to the temple. This option takes about 2.5 hours and costs 15 RMB.

Express Coach: There are express coaches to Hongluo Temple at Liuli Bridge Station (六里桥客运站) on subway line 6 and Sihui Station (四惠客运站) on subway line 1. But they are only available on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays. The one-way trip costs 30 RMB, and the return costs 40 RMB.

Highlights of Hongluo Temple

Majestic Architecture

majestic architecture of hongluo temple

The architecture of Hongluo Temple in Beijing is truly majestic, showcasing the splendor of traditional Chinese design. The main hall, known as the Mahavira Hall, stands as a testament to the intricacy and artistry of the temple. Elaborate wood carvings adorn the hall, depicting mythical creatures, celestial beings, and intricate patterns. The hall also houses a large statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, exuding a sense of reverence and spirituality. Throughout the temple complex, visitors can appreciate the beauty of pagodas, pavilions, and halls, all reflecting the grandeur and elegance of Chinese architectural traditions.

Beautiful Natural Surroundings

beautiful natural surroundings in hongluo temple

Nestled at the foot of Hongluo Mountain in Beijing, Hongluo Temple is blessed with breathtaking natural surroundings that enhance its serene atmosphere. The temple is embraced by lush greenery, providing a soothing escape from the bustling city. Visitors can explore the mountain’s scenic hiking trails, immerse themselves in the tranquility of forests, and be mesmerized by the calming sounds of cascading waterfalls. The natural beauty of Hongluo Temple offers a picturesque backdrop for contemplation and reflection, allowing visitors to connect with nature and experience a sense of harmony and peace in the midst of its captivating landscapes.

Ancient Buddhist Relics

ancient buddhist relics in hongluo temple

Hongluo Temple in Beijing houses a treasure trove of ancient Buddhist relics, offering a glimpse into the rich spiritual heritage of China. Within the temple, visitors can marvel at a diverse collection of statues, scriptures, and artwork that spans centuries. These artifacts reflect the deep reverence for Buddhism and showcase the skill and craftsmanship of ancient artisans. The intricate details of the statues and the delicate brushwork in the scriptures exemplify the devotion and artistic expression of the time. Exploring the ancient Buddhist relics in Hongluo Temple provides a profound understanding of the historical and cultural significance of Buddhism in China.

Cultural Festivals and Ceremonies

cultural festivals and ceremonies in hongluo temple

Hongluo Temple in Beijing is renowned for its vibrant cultural festivals and religious ceremonies, creating a captivating atmosphere throughout the year. Visitors have the opportunity to witness traditional rituals, performances, and spiritual practices that showcase the deep-rooted cultural heritage of China. Colorful festivals, such as the Lantern Festival and the Buddha’s Birthday Celebration, bring the temple grounds to life with ornate decorations, lively processions, and cultural performances. These events offer a unique insight into the customs and traditions associated with Buddhism, providing visitors with an immersive experience that celebrates the spiritual and cultural significance of Hongluo Temple.

Meditation and Spiritual Retreat

meditation and spiritual retreat in hongluo temple

Hongluo Temple in Beijing provides a serene sanctuary for meditation and spiritual retreat. Amidst the tranquil surroundings of nature, visitors can find solace and inner peace. The temple offers meditation sessions and retreat programs, inviting individuals to embark on a journey of self-reflection and mindfulness. Whether experienced practitioners or beginners, everyone can benefit from the serene ambiance and guidance provided by the temple’s resident monks. The peaceful atmosphere, coupled with the breathtaking views of Hongluo Mountain, creates an ideal environment for contemplation, introspection, and spiritual rejuvenation.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Entertainment Activities:

  • Bell Ringing: Experience the tradition of bell ringing for a small fee of 2 yuan per attempt within the ancient temple area.
  • Throwing Coins for Good Luck: Exchange 20 yuan for 10 copper coins to toss into designated holes for good luck. This activity is believed to bring wealth and fortune.

Food and Beverage Options: There are no restaurants within the temple grounds. However, there is a place selling water, cold drinks, and grilled sausages near the Guanyin Hall. It’s advisable to bring your own food and water. Alternatively, plan your visit around meal times and dine at one of the many restaurants outside the temple.

Descending the Mountain: Consider taking the slide-like small car down the mountain. While not overly fast, it offers a refreshing and scenic descent. You may experience a slight sensation of weightlessness during turns and descents. This option is particularly enjoyable in summer, providing cool breezes and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Return Journey: If time permits, you can extend your trip by visiting Yanqi Lake before heading back. You can conveniently catch a train from Huairou North Station back to downtown Beijing.

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