How to get to Leshan giant Buddha from Chengdu

how to get to leshan giant buddha from chengdu

Leshan Giant Buddha is about 140 kilometers away from Chengdu. To cover the distance, you have several transportation options available. Here’s a detailed guide on how to make the journey:

By Bus:

  • Start your journey at Chengdu’s Xinnanmen Bus Station (新南门客运站), Chadianzi Bus Station (茶店子客运站), or Ximen Bus Station (西门车站).
    • Xinnanmen Bus Station is in the southeast of Chengdu, near the city center. You can take metro line 3 and get off at Xinnanmen to get there.
    • Chandianzi is in the northwest of Chengdu on the third ring road. You can take metro line 2 and get off at Chadianzi to get there.
    • Ximen Bus station is also in the northwest of Chengdu, but is on the first ring road. Unfortunately, there is no metro line passing there. You need to take bus 4, 27, 37, 56, 62, 107, 340, 1004, or 1071.
  • Once at the Bus Station, look for the ticket counter and purchase a bus ticket to Leshan.
  • Buses to Leshan operate frequently throughout the day, with a travel time of approximately two hours.
  • Upon reaching Leshan Bus Station, you can take a short walk or hire a taxi to the Leshan Giant Buddha site. The distance is around 9 kilometers, and it should take approximately 20 minutes to reach by taxi.

By Private Car or Taxi:

  • If you prefer a more convenient and flexible option, you can hire a private car or taxi for the journey from Chengdu to Leshan.
  • Arrange for a car or taxi in advance from a local travel agency, online platform, or your hotel.
  • The travel time from Chengdu to Leshan by car is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions.
  • The driver will take you directly to the Leshan Giant Buddha site, where you can explore at your own pace.

By High-Speed Train:

  • Start your journey at Chengdu East Railway Station, which is located in the city center. You can reach the station by metro line 2 or 7.
  • Purchase a train ticket to Leshan Railway Station. Trains from Chengdu to Leshan are available at various times throughout the day.
  • The train journey takes around 1 hour, depending on the train type and schedule.
  • Upon arrival at Leshan Railway Station, you can take a taxi or local bus to the Leshan Giant Buddha. The distance is approximately 16 kilometers, and it should take around 30 minutes by taxi (How to get to Leshan Giant Buddha from Leshan Railway Station).

Once you arrive at the Leshan Giant Buddha site, you will need to purchase an entrance ticket to access the scenic area. The site offers multiple viewpoints, including a boat ride option to view the Buddha from the river. Plan your visit accordingly to make the most of your time exploring this impressive UNESCO World Heritage site.

Appendix: Timetable of High-Speed Train from Chengdu East Railway Station to Leshan

Train No.DepartureArrivalDurationPrice
C56516.157.0146 minutes54 RMB
C62736.347.325854 RMB
C62697.188.181 hour54 RMB
C56638.129.271 hour and 15 minutes54 RMB
C62538.419.3756 minutes51 RMB
C63039.3610.3458 minutes54 RMB
C62759.5911.071 hour and 8 minuts54 RMB
C630711.0011.5858 minutes54 RMB
C631911.1712.1558 minutes54 RMB
C597512.3713.3659 minutes51 RMB
C601512.4313.471 hour and 4 minutes54 RMB
C604512.5614.061 hour and 10 minutes54 RMB
C633313.0113.5453 minutes54 RMB
C632713.5014.561 hour and 6 minutes54 RMB
C632914.1415.1258 minutes54 RMB
C565915.1115.5847 minutes51 RMB
C625715.2216.2058 minutes54 RMB
C631116.0316.5552 minutes54 RMB
C631316.2517.341 hour and 9 minutes54 RMB
C631517.2818.521 hour and 24 minutes54 RMB
C566118.4019.4858 minutes54 RMB
C631718.5019.4858 minutes54 RMB
C597918.5519.551 hour54 RMB
C602319.0120.051 hour and 4 minutes54 RMB
C602919.4121.131 hour and 32 minutes54 RMB
C626119.5220.4149 minutes51 RMB
C632320.2521.351 hour and 10 minutes54 RMB
C626320.5921.5152 minutes54 RMB

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