How to get to Leshan Giant Buddha From Leshan Train Station

how to get to leshan giant buddha from leshan railway station

Leshan Giant Buddha is about 16 kilometers away from Leshan Train Station. To cover the distance, you can take either taxi or bus.


  • Once you arrive at the Leshan Train Station, make your way to the main exit. Look for signs or ask station staff for directions if needed.
  • Taxis are usually available outside the train station. Look for the designated taxi pickup area and queue up. Inform the taxi driver that you want to go to the Leshan Giant Buddha (in Chinese, it’s pronounced “Leshan Dafo” and written as “乐山大佛”).
  • The journey takes around 40 minutes and costs 44 RMB, depending on traffic conditions.


  • If you prefer a more economical option, you can take a bus. Exit the train station and head towards the bus station area. Look for No. 601 or 302, which goes to the Leshan Giant Buddha. Pay the fare when you board the bus and keep your ticket for the duration of the trip.
  • Once you board the bus, find a seat and enjoy the journey. The bus will follow a designated route to the Leshan Giant Buddha, and there are multiple stops along the way.
  • The bus will drop you off at Dongfang Fodu Stop (东方佛都站) near the Leshan Giant Buddha scenic area. Follow the signs or ask locals for directions to the entrance of the Buddha site.
  • The bus ride typically takes around 1 hour and costs only 5 RMB. There are also other buses that can get you to the giant Buddha. But since they entail at least one transfer, we do not recommend you take them.

Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes, bring sunscreen and water, and be prepared for crowds, especially during peak tourist seasons.

After you have finished exploring the Leshan Giant Buddha, you can retrace your steps to return to the Leshan Train Station using the same mode of transportation you used earlier (taxi or bus).

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