How to get to Longqing Gorge From Beijing

how to get to longqing gorge from beijing

Longqing Gorge is a scenic area located in Yanqing District, around 80 kilometers northwest of Beijing city center. It is situated in the Taihang Mountains, with the beautiful Yangqing River flowing through it. The gorge is known for its steep cliffs, clear water, and picturesque scenery. To get there from Bejiing, you have the following options:

By Car: If you have access to a car, you can drive to Longqing Gorge from Beijing. The journey takes approximately 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions.

By Train: There are trains departing from Beijing North Railway Sation (北京北站) and Qinghe Station (清河站) to Yanqing (延庆) every day. After getting there, you can change to Bus Y40 to get to Longqing Gorge. The train costs about 30 RMB and takes half an hour.


ShiftStart StationDeparture TimeArrival Time
D6701Qinghe Station6.03 a.m.6.30 a.m.
D6703Beijing North Railway Station8.43 a.m.9.26 a.m.
D6705Qinghe Station10.58 a.m.11.33 a.m.
D6707Qinghe Station4.26 p.m.4.55 p.m.
D6709Beijing North Railway Station6.30 p.m.7.07 p.m.

By Bus: If you decide to go to Longqing Gorge by bus. You should first get to Deshengmen Transportation Hub (德胜门), take bus 919 Express, then transfer to Y40 at Shiheying Stop (石河营站), and finally walk about 2 kilometers to the north to reach the attraction. The whold journey only costs 19 RMB, but takes over 3 hours.

By Taxi: If you travel on a generous budget, you can choose to get to Longqing Gorge by taxi. Although the fare may vary according to the traffice condition and the starting point, it generally fluctuates around 300 RMB, lower if you start from the north part of Beijing, like the Summer Palace, and higher if you start from the south part, like the Temple of Heaven.

By Organized Tour: There are several organized tours that offer day trips to Longqing Gorge from Beijing. These tours typically include transportation, admission tickets, and a guided tour of the gorge. You can obtain relevant information from the reception in your hotel.

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