How to get to Zhouzhuang From Shanghai?

how to get to zhouzhuang from shanghai

To get to Zhouzhuang from Shanghai, you have several options, depending on your starting point in Shanghai. Here are detailed instructions for each option:

Option 1: Depart from Shanghai Tourism Distribution Center (Tianyaoqiao Road, No. 666, Ba Wan Ren Sports Stadium)

  • Departure Times: 7:00, 8:30, 9:05, 12:10, 14:00
  • Transportation: Tourist shuttle bus (round trip fare and admission fee included)
  • Cost: 110 RMB
  • Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours
  • Additional holiday schedules may be available, with the latest return trip at around 16:30.

Option 2: Depart from Hongkou Football Stadium Gate 2 (Dongjiangwan Road, No. 444)

  • Departure Times: 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 (8:30 on weekends, includes round trip fare and admission fee)
  • Cost: 98 RMB

Option 3: Depart from People’s Square with direct buses to Qingpu:

  • There are three starting points for direct buses to Qingpu: Songshan Road Jinling East Road intersection, Madang Road Yan’an Road intersection, and Lao Chengdu Road intersection. These buses are relatively fast.
  • Get off at Qingpu Bus Station and transfer to a bus heading to Zhouzhuang. Buses to Zhouzhuang depart every half hour.
  • The journey from downtown to Qingpu takes approximately an hour, with a ticket price of 6.5 RMB. From Qingpu to Zhouzhuang, it’s about 1.5 hours, with a ticket price of 8 RMB.
  • The last bus from Qingpu to Zhouzhuang is around 16:00, and the last bus from Qingpu back to Shanghai is at 18:30 (arrives at People’s Square) and 19:15 (arrives at Wuzhong Road West Area Station).

Option 4: Depart from Shanghai Railway Station

  • Take a high-speed train from Shanghai to Kunshan for 15 RMB. From Kunshan Railway Station, take bus 88 to Xinke Station for 2 RMB. Buy a ticket for bus 130 (inside the ticket hall, not at the external bus platform) for 8 RMB to Zhouzhuang.

Option 5: From Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Zhouzhuang

  • Go to the nearby Hongqiao Bus Station and take a bus from Shanghai Hongqiao to Jiangze (Zhouzhuang).
  • Alternatively, take Line 1 of the subway to Shanghai South Railway Station and then take a bus from Shanghai South Railway Station to Zhouzhuang.

Option 6: From Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Zhouzhuang

  • Take the Airport Line 5 to Shanghai Railway Station, then go to the long-distance bus terminal at Shanghai Railway Station North Square to catch a bus to Zhouzhuang.
  • Alternatively, you can take the Maglev Train to Longyang Road Station, transfer to Line 2 of the subway, and then transfer to Line 11 at Huaqiao Station. From there, take bus 7 to Zhouzhuang.

Choose the option that is most convenient based on your location in Shanghai, and enjoy your trip to Zhouzhuang!

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