Huanglongxi Ancient Town, Chengdu – Location, Highlights, and Tips

huanglongxi ancient town

Huanglongxi Ancient Town (黄龙溪古镇), formerly known as Chishui, boasts a history spanning over 1,700 years (History of Huanglongxi). The town is comprised of a lake, two rivers, three temples, seven streets, and nine alleys. It preserves seventy-six well-maintained traditional homes and three large courtyards.

Nestled at the confluence of two rivers, the town exudes the charm of a “water town.” A stream meanders through the town, flanked by roads paved with blue stones. Along the banks stand Ming and Qing Dynasty buildings, constructed with wooden pillars and blue-tiled roofs. The houses, adorned with exquisitely carved railings, emanate a serene and rustic ambiance. Today, Huanglongxi Ancient Town is a popular filming location for numerous movies and TV dramas, including “Furong Town” and “Seal of Love,” attracting visitors with its picturesque scenery.

Huanglongxi is rich in folk customs, featuring vibrant elements such as fire dragons, boatmen’s work songs, river lanterns, and night patrols. Visitors can explore the ancient town in a day trip from Chengdu or choose to stay overnight. Accommodations are available at the entrance of the town’s new section, and the central area houses a “Dàyùnbà” (大院坝), a large courtyard in the style of western Sichuan, which also offers lodging options.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Toura day
Ticket PriceFree
Opening HoursMost vendors close at 9 pm apart from bars and pubs
Telephone Number0086-028-62157666 

Location and Transportation

Huanglongxi Ancient Town is located in the southwestern part of China, specifically in the Chengdu Plain of Sichuan Province. It is situated approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) southeast of Chengdu, the provincial capital. The town is nestled along the banks of the Fu River, which adds to its scenic beauty and serves as a natural boundary. To get there from Chengdu, you can choose the following ways:

Metro+Bus: Take metro line 3, get off at Shuangliu Square Station (双流广场站), walk about 200 meters to the west to Shuangliu Tourist Hub, and transfer to bus S18 to get to the town. This latter journey will take you about 1.5 hours and cost 1 RMB.

Coach: There are express coaches to Huanglongxi Ancient Town at Xinnanmen Bus Station (新南门车站), which is on metro line 3. They depart about every half an hour from 7.45 to 17.10, and the ticket price is 14 RMB.

Guided Tour: Alternatively, you can sign up for a one-day tour at any travel agency in Chengdu. They will arrange everything for you at a reasonable price.

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Highlights of Huanglongxi Ancient Town

Ancient Temples

ancient architecture in huanglongxi ancient town

Huanglongxi Ancient Town is adorned with several ancient temples, each contributing to the town’s historical and cultural richness.

Gulong Temple (古龙寺): Situated at the southern end of the main street, Gulong Temple is the oldest temple in Huanglongxi, facing west to east. The temple, dedicated to Huanglong Patriarch, features a grand hall and a thousand-Buddha iron pagoda on one side. Gulong Temple seamlessly integrates the “three ancient” elements of ancient temples, an ancient opera stage, and an ancient banyan tree, creating a harmonious and complementary atmosphere.

Jinhua Monastery(金华庵): Dating back to the Ming Dynasty and preserved in its original architectural style from 1787-1793, Jinhua Monastery is a rare form of construction in western Sichuan. Nestled against the mountain, the hall covers an area of 2400 square meters, providing valuable material for studying the development, influence, and architectural art of Buddhism in Chengdu during the Ming and Qing periods.

temple complex in huanglongxi ancient town

Zhenjiang Temple (镇江寺): Located on the Millennium Wharf at Wangye Kan, Zhenjiang Temple is an ancient temple dating back a thousand years. It is dedicated to Zhenjiang Wangye Yangsi to ensure safety, serving as a gathering place for shipowners to worship.

Chaoyin Temple (潮音寺): Positioned in the heart of the ancient street and formerly known as Yueshan Hall, Chaoyin Temple is a nunnery with a facade of five rooms. It venerates Guanyin Bodhisattva and Maitreya Buddha. In ancient times, important ceremonies such as the Upper Yuan Festival, Middle Yuan Festival, and Lower Yuan Festival were held here to pray for favorable weather and abundant harvests.

Ancient Bridges

ancient bridges in huanglongxi ancient town

Huanglongxi Ancient Town is renowned for its ancient bridges that add to its charm and historical significance. Among them, the Sandu Bridge stands out as a remarkable architectural gem, dating back to the Ming Dynasty. Crossing the tranquil Fu River, these ancient bridges offer picturesque views and serve as important landmarks. The intricate designs and sturdy construction of these bridges showcase the craftsmanship of bygone eras. As visitors stroll along the riverbanks, they can admire the elegant arches, stone foundations, and weathered textures, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that transports them back in time.

Festivals and Celebrations

festivals and celebrations in huanglongxi ancient town

Huanglongxi Ancient Town hosts vibrant festivals and celebrations, notably during the New Year’s Eve to Lantern Festival period. The grand temple fair showcases a kaleidoscope of colorful lanterns, featuring elaborate displays like dragon lanterns, lion lanterns, and ox lanterns. The Fire Dragon Festival, a traditional folk event, takes place on the evening of every January. The dragon, with a long mouth capable of spouting hot flames, becomes a mesmerizing spectacle as people use fireworks to illuminate its dance. The more intense and vivid the fireworks, the more energetic the dragon dances, creating a spirited and lively atmosphere for both participants and spectators.

Riverside Scenery

riverside scenery in huanglongxi ancient town

Huanglongxi Ancient Town is nestled along the banks of the Fu River, offering picturesque views and a serene ambiance. Lush greenery and ancient trees line the river, creating a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks along the riverside promenade, taking in the scenic beauty and capturing stunning photographs. Boat rides on the Fu River provide an enchanting perspective of the town, with its ancient bridges and traditional architecture reflected in the calm waters. The riverside scenery of Huanglongxi Ancient Town offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Useful Tips from Genuine Reviews

Ideal Time to Visit: Huanglongxi Ancient Town is beautiful throughout the year, but it is recommended to visit during the summer. There are many water play areas in the scenic area, so bring water equipment and enjoy splashing water from one end of the street to the other for a thrilling experience.

Rejuvenating at Fuxing Old Tea House: After exploring, consider visiting Fuxing Old Tea House. The architecture both inside and outside maintains the styles of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is situated by the river. Try the local Shinwa tea to savor the taste of old Chengdu. The cost is 10 yuan per person, but window seats on the second floor are limited.

Entertainment at Puyuan Square: Witness the performances of “打铁花+舞龙” (Iron Flower and Dragon Dance) at Puyuan Square within Huanglongxi Ancient Town, near Puyuan Hotel. The performances take place every Saturday evening from 7:00 to 7:20.

Must-Try Local Specialty – Shuan Mian: One must not miss trying “甩面” (Shuan Mian), a local specialty of Huanglongxi Ancient Town. This unique noodle-making performance involves a skilled individual tossing a single noodle into a pot. Though the traditional “甩面姐” (Shuan Mian Sister) might not always be seen, the “甩面弟” (Shuan Mian Brother) demonstrates the impressive skill of tossing noodles into a boiling pot, turning one noodle into a bowl of delicious noodles.

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