Jingwu Braised Duck Neck – Tender and Spicy

jingwu braised duck neck

Jingwu Braised Duck Neck (精武鸭脖) is a traditional snack hailing from Wuhan, Hubei Province, named after Jingwu Road in Hankou. It features a distinctive Sichuan-style flavor profile, with a tantalizing aroma, spicy kick, and unparalleled savory taste, quickly becoming a beloved snack among the locals of Wuhan.

Originating from Sichuan, Jingwu Braised Duck Neck first gained traction in Wuhan in 1993, with its popularity soaring after 2000. From its inception, this brand carried a strong Wuhan identity and a bustling street vibe. Jingwu Road in Hankou is widely recognized as the birthplace of Wuhan-style braised duck neck. This narrow alleyway is lined with storefronts selling duck necks, with thousands of glossy, red duck necks displayed on stalls, creating a spectacular sight.

One legend surrounding duck necks recounts that in the early 1990s, Tang Lajiu studied braising techniques and medicinal herb formulations in Chengdu. Upon returning to Wuhan, he opened the first specialty duck neck shop. Another account dates back to the late 1980s when a Sichuan chef named Yan Jiahua, working at a Sichuan restaurant called “Jingwu Restaurant” on Jingwu Road, devised the idea of braising pig tails and duck necks in a variety of herbs to entertain customers while they waited for their main dishes. Using over thirty types of Chinese herbs, he created spicy and chewy duck necks that tantalized the taste buds without overwhelming the palate.

Jingwu Braised Duck Neck is prepared by marinating duck necks in a special Sichuan-style brine, resulting in a flavorful and tender delicacy. The infusion of aromatic spices and herbs adds depth to the dish, while the spicy seasoning provides a satisfying kick. The allure of Jingwu Braised Duck Neck lies in its irresistible combination of heat, flavor, and texture, making it a popular choice for snack enthusiasts in Wuhan.

Whether enjoyed as a casual street snack or as part of a hearty meal, Jingwu Braised Duck Neck embodies the culinary heritage of Wuhan, offering a tantalizing taste of tradition with every bite. Its enduring popularity and widespread availability across the city’s bustling streetscapes underscore its status as an iconic Wuhan delicacy, cherished by locals and sought after by visitors seeking an authentic gastronomic experience.

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