Lian Island, Lianyungang – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

lian island lianyungang

Formerly known as Yingyou Mountain, Lian Island (连岛) is the largest sea island in Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 7.6 square kilometers. Situated across the sea from Lianyungang Port, it is connected to the eastern urban area of Lianyungang by the longest seawall in China, stretching over 6.7 kilometers. The island boasts a harmonious blend of green mountains, blue seas, lush forests, unique sea-eroded rocks, natural beaches, and the cultural landscapes of fishing villages.

The unique geographical location of Lian Island creates a resort area with mild winters and comfortable summers, offering a pleasant climate throughout the four seasons. The island is adorned with verdant peaks, with forest coverage exceeding 80%, creating a refreshing and shaded environment wherever you go.

Lian Island is also home to Jiangsu Province’s largest natural high-quality beach. The golden shore meets the azure sea, where gentle winds and waves prevail. With a standard sea swimming temperature lasting up to 80 days, Lian Island becomes an ideal destination for water sports and family outings, providing a serene escape for those seeking both natural beauty and recreational activities.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price50 RMB (28th April – 27th October)
30 RMB (28th October – 27th April)
Opening Hours8.30 – 17.20 (28th April – 27th October)
8.30 – 16.40 (28th October – 27th April)
Telephone Number0086-400-828-2898

Location and Transportation

Lian Islands are situated in the eastern part of Lianyungang City, facing the sea across from Lianyungang Port. To get there, you can choose one of the following ways:

Lianyungang Tourist Shuttle Bus:

  • Take the Lianyungang Tourist Shuttle Bus from the Lianyungang High-Speed Rail Station (bus stop).
  • Alight at the Lian Island Visitor Center.

City Bus Routes:

  • Opt for Tourist Line 3, traveling from Lianyungang East Station to Lian Island Scenic Area.
  • Alternatively, choose Tourist Line 6, commuting from the Huaguoshan Scenic Area to Lian Island Scenic Area.

Highlights of Lian Island

Dashawan Beach Resort: A Pristine Seaside Oasis

dashawan beach resort in lian island

Lian Island’s Dashawan Beach Resort stands as the sole premium natural beach in Jiangsu Province, recognized among China’s 16 health-conscious seawater bathing sites by the National Marine Bureau. Achieving ISO 14000 international environmental quality certification, the beach has been a venue for significant events such as eight consecutive Lianyungang Summer Opening Ceremonies, the International Kite Festival, the 2003 China leg of the Women’s Beach Volleyball World Tour, and Jiangsu Province’s inaugural Fishermen’s Cultural and Sports Festival. The beach’s pristine beauty and quality make it a sought-after destination for both leisure and major festivities.

Suma Bay Ecological Park: Tranquil Beauty Amidst Nature

suma bay ecological park in lian island

Named after the legendary tale of General Su Ziheng raising horses in Yingyou Mountains in the late Ming Dynasty, Suma Bay is a haven of lush woods and secluded tranquility. Surrounded by the delicate curves of golden beaches, wandering into the woods unveils a world of deep shadows, babbling brooks, and melodious bird songs. Nestled in the verdant foliage are cozy wooden cabins, well-equipped and exuding warmth. Strategically positioned in harmony with the natural surroundings, these cabins offer a delightful view of the sea, allowing you to fully appreciate the enchanting seascape with the soothing sound of waves, creating a marvelous “lying in bed listening to the waves, opening the window to watch the sunrise” experience.

Qian San Islands: A Triad of Scenic Retreats

qiansan islands in lian island

Qian San Islands encompass three small islands – Pingshan Island, Dashan Island, and Cheniu Mountain Island – situated in the southern part of the Yellow Sea, northeast of Lianyungang, Jiangsu. With a total area of 0.32 square kilometers and located 54.6 kilometers from Lianyungang Port, these islands are part of the Haizhou Bay Fishing Ground, one of China’s eight major fishing grounds. Known for the abundant marine life in the nearby waters, including horse mackerel, sea bass, yellow croaker, and prawns, these islands offer a serene retreat for tourists and fishing enthusiasts who seek the pleasures of seaside leisure and angling.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

When to Visit: The best time to visit Lian Island is on a clear, sunny day. Avoid coming on overcast days when the sea might not be as picturesque. It’s also advisable to avoid visiting during scorching hot weather or holidays when crowds are at their peak.

Beach Options: Lian Island boasts two main beaches: Da Shawan (Big Sandy Bay) and Su Ma Wan. Da Shawan tends to be more crowded, while Su Ma Wan, located deeper within Lian Island, offers a quieter experience. To reach Su Ma Wan, enter the scenic area and then head left at the entrance. You can take a sightseeing bus using the ticket purchased earlier, enjoying the scenic ride to Su Ma Wan with fewer people.

Avoid Haze: It’s essential to avoid visiting Lian Island on days with heavy haze or air pollution. During such conditions, the horizon over the sea may be completely obscured, detracting from the overall experience.

Convenience Facilities: If you’ve been wading in the water at Da Shawan and want to clean up before heading inland, there are foot washing stations with water and benches available along the boardwalk side facing the sea.

Attractions near Lian Island

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