Lianyungang Western Sea Barrier – Location and Highlights

Lianyungang Western Sea Barrier

The Lianyungang Western Sea Barrier (连云港西大堤), also known as “神州第一堤” (The First Barrier on Earth), is a remarkable coastal engineering marvel situated in the southeastern part of Lianyungang City, within the Lianyun District, approximately 30 kilometers from the city center. Stretching from Beigu Mountain in Lianyun District to Jiangjia Mouth on Lian Island, the sea barrier spans a length of 6,700 meters. This monumental structure effectively connects Lian Island to the mainland, serving as a pathway for an uninterrupted stream of visitors to the western shore of Lian Island, specifically to its seaside bathing area. It offers a unique vantage point, granting people a distinctive perspective on the surrounding landscape.

Construction of this sea barrier commenced on March 10, 1985, and it achieved a significant milestone with its successful completion and connection on December 8, 1993. The barrier features a 12-meter-wide top, with a net road width of 10 meters and a height of 7 meters. Additionally, a gracefully arched wave-dissipating embankment, towering at an impressive 7.8 meters, enhances the structure. This engineering feat has effectively transformed the original water surface area of Lianyungang from a mere 3 square kilometers to an expansive 30 square kilometers, creating a super harbor with tranquil waters. It has earned the moniker “海上长城” (The Great Wall on the Sea), highlighting its significance as a guardian of the coastline.

The panoramic night view of the Lianyungang port is nothing short of spectacular, with over 10 kilometers of coastline illuminated by brilliant lights. The Western Sea Barrier stands out like a golden dragon spanning the sea, adorned with colorful signal lights and navigational beacons twinkling in the night. The sea comes alive with the graceful movement of ships and the flickering lights of fishing boats. Across the water, countless lights from homes on the opposite shore combine to create a mesmerizing, transparent crystal palace.

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