Maojiabu Scenic Area – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

maojiabu scenic area

Maojiabu (茅家埠) is a recently developed scenic area located west of West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The name “Maojiabu” originated from the abundance of thatched roofs at the village entrance during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Another explanation attributes the name to the predominant residents being of the Mao surname.

Serving as a prominent dock for pilgrims heading to Lingyin Temple, Maojiabu was a bustling commercial hub with numerous shops, teahouses, and lively activities. However, with the opening of a road from the lakeside to Lingyin Temple in the late 1940s, the traditional “incense pilgrimage route” gradually faded into obscurity, and Maojiabu transformed into a tranquil retreat along West Lake. The area is now a haven for visitors, offering a serene atmosphere with farmhouse inns and wetlands scattered throughout. There is a concentration of places to dine and enjoy tea, making Maojiabu a peaceful haven amidst the bustling surroundings of West Lake.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 hour
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours24 hours a day throughout the year
Telephone Number0086-0571-87179603

Location and Transportation

Maojiabu Scenic Area is located west of West Lake, with a view of Yanggong Causeway to the east and connecting to Longjing Road to the west. It is bordered by Dingjiashan and Wulaofeng to the south. To get there, you can take bus 27, 87, 197, 510, or 1314 and get off at Maojiabu Stop (茅家埠站).

Highlights of Maojiabu Scenic Area

Du Jinsheng Former Residence

Du jinsheng former residence in maojiabu scenic area

Du Jinsheng, a renowned patriotic industrialist from modern China, had his former residence in Maojiabu by West Lake. After restoration and renovation in 2003, the site now includes an entrance, ancestral house, workshop (early form of a factory), and exhibition rooms like a memorial hall, displaying Du Jinsheng’s life and silk culture. It has become a rich and meaningful museum commemorating this prominent figure.

Longhongjian (Dragon Pond and Vast Stream)

longhongjian in maojiabu scenic area

Located on the south side of Maojiabu, adjacent to Zhejiang Hotel, Longhongjian includes the newly restored Longhongjian Wetland and Pufuling Wetland, as well as surrounding areas with farmhouse inns. The area, renovated in 2004, features a scenic thatched pavilion, preserved tea gardens, and several embankment islands, creating a picturesque and leisurely rural landscape. Noteworthy are the restored historical sites of Yinma Bridge and Yugou Bridge. By expanding wetlands, planting numerous plants, and crafting an environment of tranquility and scenic beauty, Longhongjian has become a new attraction in the West Lake area.

Su Dongpo’s Inscription at Da Mailing Cliff

Su Dongpo's Inscription at Da Mailing Cliff in maojiabu

Su Dongpo’s inscription is found at the eastern foot of Da Mailing Cliff. During Su Dongpo‘s second term as the magistrate of Hangzhou in the fifth year of the Song Yuanfeng era (1090), he inscribed the cliff during his visit to Tianzhu Temple via Mailing Ridge. The cliff inscription is 1.38 meters high, 1.84 meters long, with a character diameter of 0.1 meters, written in right-running regular script. It is the only surviving inscription by Su Dongpo in Hangzhou and has been designated as a provincial-level cultural relic protection unit. The site was renovated in 2004.

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Attractions near Maojiabu

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