Yanggong Causeway – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

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Yanggong Causeway (杨公堤), located west of West Lake in Hangzhou, stretches for 3.4 kilometers. This causeway was excavated during the Ming Dynasty under the supervision of the Jinshi scholar Yang Mengying. In honor of his contributions, it was later named “Yanggong Causeway.” Along the causeway, there are six bridges named Huanbi, Liujin, Wolong, Yinxiu, Jingxing, and Junyuan from north to south, which complement the Six Bridges of Su Causeway to the east, collectively known as the “Twelve Bridges of West Lake.” Among them, Yinxiu Bridge and Jingxing Bridge allow passage for boats.

Yanggong Causeway connects various famous scenic spots such as Quyuan Fenghe, Jinsha Harbor, Hangzhou Nursery Garden, Maojiabu, Wugui Pond, Santai Mengji, Yuhu Bay, and Huagang Guanyu. The lush vegetation and picturesque scenery along the way create a serene ambiance, showcasing the natural beauty and refined elegance of the area. Standing on the bridges of Yanggong Causeway, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of hills in the south and Santai Mountain, with the tranquil lake and majestic mountains stretching before their eyes. Additionally, near Yanggong Causeway, there are 23 historical and cultural landmarks such as Huangmiao Tower, Huanhu Bishes, Lanyuan Garden, Jingxing Ancient Bridge, and Zhaogong Causeway, providing visitors with enriching cultural experiences.

Yang Mengying made significant contributions to rectifying the customs around West Lake and dredging its waters. Throughout his life, he upheld integrity and rectitude, reclaimed fields, and dredged rivers, often offending wealthy individuals in the process. However, the people of Hangzhou were grateful for his benevolence, hence naming the causeway he supervised and built as Yanggong Causeway. Today, Yanggong Causeway is not only a beautiful scenic spot of West Lake but also a symbol of the spirit of integrity and service to the people embodied by Yang Mengying, cherished by the people of Hangzhou.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours24 hours a day
Telephone Number0086-0571-87179603

Location and Transportation

Yanggong Causeway is situated on the western shore of West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It spans from Lingyin Road in the north to Hupao Road in the south, covering a total length of 3.4 kilometers. It is renowned as one of the “Three Causeways of West Lake,” alongside the Bai Causeway and the Su Causeway.

Visitors can take bus 194, 318, West Lake Inner Ring Line, or West Lake Outer Ring Line, and get off at Hangzhou Huapu Stop (杭州花圃站) to reach the middle section of the causeway, or get off at Dingjiashan Stop (丁家山站) to reach the south end of the causeway.

Attractions near Yanggong Causeway

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