Marco Polo Square, Tianjin – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and highlights

macro polo square in tianjin

Marco Polo Square, situated in the former Italian concession of Tianjin‘s Hebei District, stands as a unique historical landmark, bearing witness to a bygone era of international influence. Established on June 7, 1902, as the only Italian concession in modern China, this 771-acre expanse marked a significant chapter in the city’s history. Nestled along the Haihe River to the south and reaching the Jing Shan Railway to the north, Marco Polo Square’s strategic location not far from Tianjin Station has made it a focal point for both locals and visitors.

At the heart of Marco Polo Square lies the essence of its charm – the Italian-style garden villas that define the landscape. Occupying 2,200 square meters and situated at the intersection of Marco Polo Road and Dante Road, the square was meticulously planned as part of the early 20th-century development of the Italian concession, embodying the distinctive architectural style of the time. The eight-year construction period, spanning from 1908 to 1916, resulted in a picturesque and vibrant collection of Marco Polo Square’s Italian-inspired residential buildings.

Surrounded by bustling shops, trendy cafes, and cultural landmarks, Marco Polo Square offers a plethora of experiences. Visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere, enjoy live performances, or simply unwind in the beautifully landscaped gardens. The square also hosts colorful festivals, showcasing Tianjin’s artistic and culinary delights.

Marco Polo Square stands as a testament to Tianjin’s cosmopolitan spirit, inviting all who visit to embark on a journey of exploration and appreciation for the city’s rich history and cultural tapestry.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour0.5 hour
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Light Show19.00 – 22.00
Telephone Number0086-022-6716052

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Location and Transportation

Marco Polo Square, an enchanting destination in Tianjin, is situated in Hebei District, a prominent area within the city. It can be found at the following address: No. 84, Minzu Road, Hebei District, Tianjin, China. To get there, you can choose the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 5, 8, 27, 156, 176, 324, 461, 634, 635, 638, 639, 645, 663, 676, 802, 806, 832, 836, 905, or Tourist Line 3, get off at Italian-Style Area Stop (意式风情区), and walk about 200 meters to the southeast to reach the square.

Metro: The nearest metro station to Marco Polo Square is Jianguo Road (建国道) on line 2. After getting out of the station from Exit B, walk about 500 meters to the south to reach the square.

Highlights of Marco Polo Square

Irene Statue

irene statue in macro polo square

The centerpiece of this architectural ensemble is the Peace Goddess sculpture, positioned prominently at the square’s center. This sculpture, a tribute to the victory in World War I, was crafted by the renowned Italian sculptor Giuseppe Boni. Transported from Italy via Shanghai, the Peace Goddess stands 13.6 meters tall and is crafted entirely from granite. The main elements of the sculpture include a fountain pool, a pedestal adorned with four European-style figurative sculptures, Roman columns, and the bronze statue of the Peace Goddess atop the column, wings outstretched. Clutching an olive branch, the symbol of eternal friendship and peace, the statue embodies the timeless theme of “friendship and peace.”

Architectural Fusion

architectural fusion in marcro polo square

Marco Polo Square in Tianjin showcases a captivating fusion of architectural styles, creating a harmonious blend of the old and the new. Traditional Chinese elements gracefully intertwine with contemporary designs, offering a visually striking atmosphere. The square’s buildings feature intricate detailing, vibrant colors, and elegant motifs that pay homage to Tianjin’s rich cultural heritage. At the same time, modern structures and innovative architecture seamlessly integrate, reflecting the city’s cosmopolitan spirit. This architectural fusion in Marco Polo Square serves as a testament to Tianjin’s ability to embrace its past while embracing progress.

Shopping and Dining

shopping and dining in marco polo square in tianjin

Marco Polo Square in Tianjin offers a delightful shopping and dining experience that caters to a range of tastes and preferences. The square is surrounded by a vibrant array of shops and boutiques, where visitors can indulge in fashion, accessories, and local crafts. From trendy fashion outlets to traditional market stalls, there is something for everyone. Additionally, the square boasts a diverse culinary scene, with numerous restaurants, cafes, and food vendors. Whether one craves authentic local delicacies or international cuisine, Marco Polo Square provides a delectable selection of dining options. It’s a haven for shoppers and food enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in Tianjin’s vibrant culture.

Cultural Events

cultural events in marcro polo square in tianjin

Marco Polo Square in Tianjin is renowned for its vibrant cultural events that captivate visitors. Throughout the year, the square comes alive with a plethora of festivities and celebrations. Traditional performances showcasing dance, music, and theater take center stage, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Tianjin. Art exhibitions featuring local artists provide a platform for creativity and expression. Cultural festivals highlight the city’s diverse traditions and culinary delights, enticing visitors to indulge in unique flavors and experiences.

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