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Nandaihe (南戴河) is a coastal area located in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, China, with a coastline stretching 17.5 kilometers. Positioned to the northeast across the Daihe River, it shares proximity with the renowned summer retreat of Beidaihe, connected by a bridge.

The Nandaihe Coastal Tourist Area stands as an idyllic natural haven for seaside, sun, and sand enthusiasts. The expansive and gently sloping beaches offer an ideal setting for activities like sea bathing and sunbathing. The tides here are calm and the water temperature is moderate. The seabed is characterized by fine, soft sand without any rocky debris or muddy patches, ensuring a pristine environment free from pollution. The clarity of the seawater allows for breathtaking views of sunrise and the romantic allure of beach nights. The average temperature in July and August hovers around 25°C, with only a handful of days exceeding 30°C throughout the year.

Beyond the allure of the beach, Nandaihe offers additional attractions for visitors. One can explore destinations like Xianluo Island and the Sea Paradise, adding variety to the leisure options available.

Along the coastal fringes of Nandaihe, dense and lush forests provide a natural barrier. The greenery extends for several kilometers, creating a meandering, intricate natural screen. The thick foliage imparts a sense of entering a pristine forest, with the verdant branches and leaves engulfing visitors, evoking the ambiance of an untouched wilderness. Nandaihe, with its harmonious blend of sun, sea, and forest, presents a multifaceted destination where visitors can immerse themselves in nature’s beauty and tranquility.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour2 – 3 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours24 hours a day
Telephone Number0086-0335-4082333

Location and Transportation

Nandaihe is a coastal resort town situated in the northeastern province of Hebei, China. It lies on the western coast of the Bohai Sea, approximately 300 kilometers (186 miles) east of Beijing, the capital city of China. The town is a part of the larger Beidaihe Scenic Area, known for its natural beauty and pristine beaches.

Tourists to Nandaihe can take bus 22, 203, 801, or 809, get off at Ninghai Road Crossing Stop (宁海道路口站), and walk 500 meters to the southeast to reach the resort.

Highlights of Nandaihe

Pristine Beaches

pristine beaches of nandaihe

Nandaihe is blessed with pristine beaches that captivate every visitor with their natural beauty and tranquility. Along the Bohai Sea, these sandy stretches offer a perfect coastal escape. The beaches are well-maintained, ensuring cleanliness and a welcoming ambiance for beachgoers. Sunbathers can bask in the warm rays, while swimmers can relish the refreshing waters. Adventurers can indulge in water sports, including surfing and jet skiing. With the surrounding picturesque landscape and the soothing sound of waves, Nandaihe’s pristine beaches provide an idyllic setting for relaxation and enjoyment, making it an irresistible destination for those seeking a blissful beach experience in Hebei, China.

Seafood Delicacies

delicious seafood in beidaihe resort

Nandaihe’s coastal location in Hebei, China, offers a delectable seafood experience that tantalizes the taste buds of every food enthusiast. The town’s abundance of fresh catches from the Bohai Sea ensures a diverse and flavorful seafood selection. Local restaurants and eateries serve up an array of mouthwatering dishes, including succulent crab, juicy prawns, tender fish, and more. From traditional seafood hotpots to grilled delicacies, the culinary offerings are a delightful celebration of the sea’s bounty. Visitors to Nandaihe can savor the finest seafood feasts, immersing themselves in the coastal culinary heritage while enjoying the sea’s ambiance and scenic views.

Water Sports

water sports in nandaihe

Nandaihe, nestled along the Bohai Sea in Hebei, China, offers an exciting array of water sports that cater to thrill-seekers and water enthusiasts alike. During the summer months, the town comes alive with adventurous activities such as surfing, where beginners and experts can ride the waves. Jet skiing provides an adrenaline rush, and banana boat rides promise fun-filled moments for friends and family. For a more tranquil experience, kayaking allows exploration of the coastal beauty at a leisurely pace. The crystal-clear waters and favorable wind conditions make Nandaihe an ideal destination for water sports, creating unforgettable moments and cherished memories for all who visit.

Vlog about Nandaihe

Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Nandaihe Night Markets:

  1. 小南夜市 (Xiaonan Night Market):
    • Pros: Close proximity to Nandaihe tourist resort and Xianluo Island, lively atmosphere at night with a variety of food options and children’s entertainment. The neon lights and barbecue smoke contribute to a vibrant night market ambiance.
    • Cons: Relatively small and crowded, slightly higher food prices.
  2. 戴河小巷 (Daihe Alley):
    • Pros: Positioned in a convenient market location, relatively spacious with a diverse selection of food at reasonable prices. A long street allows visitors to explore a variety of food options.
    • Cons: Slightly distant from the tourist area, lacks a strong atmospheric vibe.

Xianluo Island: A delightful small island, accessible via a cable car providing a unique perspective with the sensation of being suspended in the air above the sea. Note: Expect long queues.

Medical Tips: If you have a sensitive stomach but still want to enjoy seafood, consider bringing anti-diarrheal medication.

Swimming: For those interested in swimming, it is recommended to visit between July and August when the sea is warmer; other months may have cooler water temperatures.

Attractions near Nandaihe Resort

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