One-Day Detailed Itinerary in Chongqing

One-Day Detailed Itinerary in Chongqing

Embark on a non-mainstream, off-the-beaten-path exploration of Chongqing for a day, focusing on fewer crowds, immersive experiences, and avoiding typical tourist spots.

Morning: Ciqikou Ancient Town (2 hours)

Begin your day at Ciqikou, where the morning crowds are sparse, allowing you to truly soak in the authentic atmosphere of old Chongqing. This ancient town, with its narrow alleys and traditional architecture, is a great place to witness the genuine charm of the city. Explore the local shops, taste traditional snacks, and enjoy the riverside scenery.

Late Morning: Three-Layer Streets (2 hours)

Head towards the Three-Layer Streets after leaving Ciqikou. Conveniently located near Foutu Guan Station, take the light rail for a smooth journey. Three-Layer Streets offers a unique perspective on Chongqing’s three-dimensional transportation system. Marvel at the intricate network of elevated roads, bridges, and tunnels, showcasing the city’s urban complexity.

Afternoon: Liziba Station and Nanshan Scenic Area (4 hours)

  • Single-Track Liziba Station (2 hours): Experience the city’s innovative single-track monorail at Liziba Station. This unique transportation system is both efficient and a testament to Chongqing’s modernity.
  • Nanshan Scenic Area (2 hours): Head to Nanshan Tree Viewing Platform for a serene escape. Visit the Laojun Dong Pagoda, situated on the mountaintop, to savor tea while enjoying panoramic views. As you descend from Nanshan, reach Shangxin Street for a cable car ride. Arrive in the late afternoon, setting the stage for an evening with fewer visitors.

Evening: Yangtze River Cableway and Chongqing Global Financial Center (2 hours)

  • Yangtze River Cableway (1 hour): Take the Yangtze River Cableway, a thrilling ride providing stunning views of the cityscape and the river below. This unique experience is a great way to transition to the evening.
  • Chongqing World Financial Center (1 hour): Conclude your day at the Chongqing World Financial Center, where you can marvel at the city’s illuminated skyline. The evening lights, coupled with the riverside ambiance, create a mesmerizing backdrop.

Transportation Tips:

Utilize the city’s efficient subway and bus network to navigate the day’s itinerary. For locations like Shiba Ti, consider taking a subway or bus, getting off at Jiefangbei and walking to the destination.

Dining Recommendations:

Chongqing, renowned for its spicy cuisine, offers a plethora of options. Explore the culinary delights at Bayi Road Gourmet Street near Jiefangbei or enjoy renowned restaurants in the stilted houses of Hongyadong. These areas provide an array of local delicacies, allowing you to savor authentic Chongqing flavors during your day of exploration.

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