Observation Deck in Chongqing World Financial Center – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Transportation, and Highlights

Observation Deck in Chongqing World Financial Center

The Chongqing World Financial Center, located in the heart of Chongqing, stands as a soaring testament to modern architecture and an iconic symbol of Western China. With 78 floors and a towering height of 339 meters, this architectural marvel was constructed with an investment exceeding 30 billion RMB. Commencing its construction in 2010, it was officially completed and opened to the public in 2014, claiming the title of the tallest building not only in Chongqing but also throughout the entire western region. It is often referred to as the “Peak of the West.”

The Observation Deck at the Chongqing World Financial Center, known as the Huixianlou Observation Deck, is perched on the 73rd and 74th floors, an astounding 320 meters above ground level, making it Chongqing’s highest vantage point. Visitors who venture to this awe-inspiring platform are treated to a panoramic view that encompasses the confluence of the Jialing and Yangtze Rivers and the bustling Yuzhong Peninsula, offering a visual feast of the city’s unique geographical wonders and a journey through Chongqing’s cultural heritage.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 hours
Ticket Price158 CNY
Opening Hours9.30 – 22.00
Telephone Number0085-023-63819933;

Location and Transportation

The Chongqing World Financial Center is located at 188 Minzu Road, Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street in the Yuzhong District of Chongqing City, China. Situated at the heart of Chongqing’s bustling downtown area, it stands as an iconic landmark amidst the city’s vibrant streets and towering skyscrapers. To get there, you can choose the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 105, 111, 114, 135, 151, 181, 262, 401, 461, 466, 862, or 866, get off at Xiaoshenzi Chongqing Gold Shop Stop (小什字重庆金店), and walk about 250 meters to the southwest to reach the building.

Metro: The closest metro station to Chongqing World Financial Center is Linjiang Gate (临江门) on line 2. After getting out of the station from Eixt 1, you will be standing at the foot of the skyscrapper.

Highlights of the Observation Deck

Daytime View

During the daytime, the view is nothing short of breathtaking. Despite Chongqing’s occasional foggy weather, visitors can often witness the rare spectacle of a sea of clouds from the Observation Deck, creating an otherworldly experience akin to walking in the midst of clouds, as if traversing a celestial realm. This exclusive feature of the Observation Deck accentuates the multifaceted character of Chongqing, where the urban landscape intertwines harmoniously with its dramatic topography and natural beauty.

Nighttime Charm

As the sun sets, the Observation Deck takes on a radiant charm of its own. Gazing across the Yuzhong District, with its wide-ranging perspective, visitors are treated to a spectacle of city lights that comes to life, with iconic landmarks such as the Jiangbei Grand Theater, Nanbin Road, and Nanshan Mountain beautifully illuminated. The Observation Deck becomes the perfect vantage point for admiring Chongqing’s layered cityscape, offering a mesmerizing experience of the city’s three-dimensional nightscapes.

Versatile Function

But the appeal of the Chongqing World Financial Center’s Observation Deck extends beyond its superb views. It serves as a versatile space, hosting a variety of events and activities. The platform has become a sought-after location for wedding photography, commercial shoots, and film production due to its striking backdrop. It has also been utilized for luxury brand exhibitions, fashion shows, and corporate events, making it a popular choice for all manner of upscale gatherings, including cocktail parties and wine receptions.

Video about Observation Deck in WFC

Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Optimal Timing for Visiting: It’s recommended to visit the observation deck around 6:00 PM. This timing allows you to enjoy both the daytime cityscape and the transition to the stunning night view of Chongqing. However, ensure to check the weather forecast in advance to avoid visiting on hazy or foggy days, which may obstruct the view.

Baggage Restrictions: Due to safety regulations to prevent falling objects from high altitudes, visitors are strictly prohibited from carrying backpacks, water bottles, luggage, umbrellas, and other handheld items onto the 75F observation deck. Be prepared to utilize storage lockers provided for storing personal belongings.

Avoiding Peak Sun Hours: It’s advisable to avoid visiting the observation deck during peak sun hours, especially in the summer months when the sun exposure can significantly increase temperatures on the top floor.

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