Shanghai Botanical Garden – Ticket, Opening Hours, Highlights, and Tips

shanghai botanical garden

Shanghai Botanical Garden (上海植物园) is a vast garden located in the southwest of Shanghai, China. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike due to its stunning collection of plants and unique features. The garden covers an area of 81 hectares and boasts over 10,000 species of plants from all over the world, making it one of the largest botanical gardens in China.

The garden is divided into several themed areas, including a magnolia garden, a peony garden, and a rose garden, each with its own unique characteristics. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the picturesque landscapes, marvel at the beauty of exotic flowers, or simply relax and unwind in the peaceful surroundings.

Apart from its flora, the garden also features several lakes, waterfalls, and pavilions, which enhance the natural beauty of the garden. The garden hosts various activities and events throughout the year, such as flower exhibitions and cultural festivals, making it a vibrant and dynamic attraction.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour2 – 3 hours
Ticket PriceGeneral admission: Free
Greenhouse: 30 RMB
Bonsai Garden: 7 RMB
Orchid Garden: 7 RMB
Opening Hours6.00 – 18.00 (1st May – 31st October)
7.00 – 17.00 (11st November – 1st April the next year)
Telephone Number0086-021-54363369

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Location and Transportation

Shanghai Botanical Garden is located in the southwest of Shanghai, China, at 997 Longwu Road, Xuhui District. It is easily accessible by public transportation, with several bus and subway lines stopping nearby.


  • To the east gate: Take bus 56, 178, 342, 714, 720, 770, 824, 956, or 958, get off at Longwu Road Longshui South Road Stop (龙吴路龙水南路), and walk about 100 meters to the south to reach the entrance.
  • To the south gate: Take bus 192, 718, 810, 820, 824, 957, or 973, get off at Longchuan North Road Baise Road (龙川北路百色路), and walk about 50 meters to the east to reach the entrance.

Subway: The nearest subway station to Shanghai Botanical Garden is Shilong Road (石龙路). After getting out of the station, you need to walk about 1 kilometer to reach the garden the north gate.

Highlights of Shanghai Botanical Garden

Magnolia Garden

Magnolia Garden in shanghai botanical garden

Covering an area of around 1.2 hectares, the magnolia garden boasts a wide range of magnolia species and cultivars from around the world, including rare and endangered species. Magnolia flowers are known for their large and fragrant blooms, and visitors to the garden can enjoy the beautiful sights and smells of these magnificent trees. The garden also features winding paths, small lakes, and pavilions, which add to the peaceful and serene atmosphere. Spring is the best time to visit the Magnolia Garden, as this is when the magnolias are in full bloom, creating a stunning display of color and fragrance.

Peony Garden

peony garden in shanghai botanical garden

The Peony Garden in Shanghai Botanical Garden covers an area of approximately 0.6 hectares and features a variety of peony species and cultivars, including some rare and exotic varieties. The peonies bloom in late April and early May, creating a stunning display of color and fragrance. Visitors to the garden can also learn about the history and culture of peonies, which have been a symbol of wealth, honor, and beauty in Chinese culture for centuries.

Rose Garden

rose garden in shanghai botanical garden

The Rose Garden in Shanghai Botanical Garden covers an area of approximately 1.5 hectares. It boasts over 400 species and cultivars of roses, including some rare and unusual varieties. The roses bloom from May to October, creating a colorful and fragrant display that attracts visitors from all over the world. The garden features a variety of rose types, including hybrid tea, floribunda, and climbing roses, as well as many different colors and fragrances. Visitors can stroll through the winding paths, relax on the benches, and enjoy the peaceful and serene atmosphere of this beautiful garden.

Bonsai Garden

bonsai garden in shanghai botanical garden

The Bonsai Garden in Shanghai Botanical Garden is a unique attraction that showcases the art of bonsai. The garden features a wide range of miniature trees, including some that are over 100 years old. Visitors can see how the trees have been carefully pruned and shaped over many years to create stunning works of art. The Bonsai Garden also offers visitors the chance to learn about the history and techniques of bonsai cultivation, making it an educational and fascinating attraction.

Chinese Herb Garden

chinese herb garden in shanghai botanical garden

The Chinese Herb Garden is a fascinating attraction that showcases the traditional medicine of China. It features over 200 species of medicinal plants, including some that are rare and endangered. Visitors can learn about the history and properties of these plants, as well as their traditional uses in Chinese medicine. The garden is divided into different sections, each representing a different aspect of traditional medicine, such as acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal medicine.

Bamboo garden

bamboo garden in shanghai botanical garden

The Bamboo Garden in Shanghai Botanical Garden is a tranquil and serene attraction that showcases the beauty and diversity of bamboo. This garden features over 100 species of bamboo from around the world, including some rare and unusual varieties. Visitors can stroll through the winding paths and admire the different shapes, sizes, and colors of the bamboo, as well as learn about the various uses of bamboo in Chinese culture.

Lakes and Waterfall

lakes and waterfall in shanghai botanical garden

The Lakes and Waterfall in Shanghai Botanical Garden are natural attractions that add to the beauty and tranquility of the garden. The garden features several small lakes, which are home to various aquatic plants and animals. Visitors can stroll along the lakeside paths and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, or rent a boat and paddle around the lake. The garden also boasts a beautiful waterfall, which cascades down a rocky slope and into a pool below.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Transportation: Parking near the botanical garden is inconvenient, with only Parking Lot 4 available at Gate 4. It’s advisable to use public transportation to reach the garden.

Restroom Facilities: Restrooms at different areas of the garden vary in cleanliness. The restroom at Plum Grove (梅林) might be dirty, while the one in the Bamboo Garden (竹园) is relatively cleaner due to fewer visitors. Restrooms at Gate 4 are larger and generally cleaner.

Leisurely Exploration: If you have ample time, feel free to explore the garden at your own pace. The garden is neither too large nor too small, and there are plenty of benches for resting. Don’t worry about getting lost; simply enjoy the stroll and take breaks as needed.

Boat and Bicycle Rentals:

  • Electric Boat: Rent a boat for a 30-minute ride at 60 yuan per boat, with a 60 yuan deposit.
  • Leisure Bicycles: Rent a bicycle for 1 hour at 60 yuan per bike. The bikes can accommodate 2-3 adults in the back and 1-2 children in the front.

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