Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center – Features, Ticket, Opening Hours, and Location

Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center

The Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center (上海宣传画艺术中心) is a museum located in the city of Shanghai, China, dedicated to preserving and showcasing propaganda posters from China’s Communist era. The museum was established in 2005 by Yang Peiming, a local businessman and collector of propaganda posters.

The museum’s collection includes over 5,000 propaganda posters, many of which were created between the 1950s and 1970s. These posters were designed to promote Communist ideology and government policies, and often feature bold and colorful graphics, as well as catchy slogans and images of heroic workers and leaders.

The museum is housed in a skyscraper in the Changning District of Shanghai, and is spread over three floors. Visitors can explore a series of galleries that display posters from different periods and themes, including posters related to Mao Zedong, the Cultural Revolution, and the Chinese army. The museum also features a gift shop where visitors can purchase replica posters and other souvenirs.

One of the highlights of the Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center is the opportunity to attend a talk by Mr. Yang Peiming, who is often present at the museum to share his insights on the posters and their historical context. Visitors can also participate in workshops where they can learn about the art of propaganda poster design and create their own posters.

The Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center has received widespread acclaim for its unique collection and educational programs. It has been featured in numerous media outlets, including CNN, The New York Times, and National Geographic, and has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The museum offers a fascinating window into China’s recent history and provides insight into the role that propaganda played in shaping the country’s political and cultural landscape.

Basic Information

Estimated length of TourAbout 2 hours
Ticket Price25 RMB
Opening Hours10.00 – 17.00
Telephone Number0086-021-62111845

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Location and Transportation

The Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center is located in Changning District, Shanghai. The exact address is 7th Floor, Huamin Hanzun International Plaza, 726 Yanan West Road, Changning District. You can get there easily by bus or subway.

Bus: Take bus 57, 71, 76, or 311, get off at Yanan West Road Jiangsu Road Stop (延安西路江苏路站), and walk about 50 meters to the east to reach the center.

Metro: Take metro line 2 or 11, get off at Jiangsu Road Station (江苏路站), and walk about 700 meters to the south to reach the center.

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