Shunan Bamboo Forest, Sichuan – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

shunan bamboo forest

Shunan Bamboo Sea (蜀南竹海, Shunnan Bamboo Forest), located in Yibin City, Sichuan Province, spans a vast area of 10.2 square kilometers, covering over twenty steep ridges and more than five hundred peaks. Renowned as one of the “Four Wonders of Southern Sichuan” alongside Dinosaur Fossils, Stone Forests, and Hanging Coffins, this bamboo forest boasts a diverse array of over fifty bamboo species. Among them are not only common varieties like Nanzhu, Shuizhu, and Cizhu but also rare species like Purple Bamboo, Human-Face Bamboo, and Mandarin Duck Bamboo.

The typical exploration of the area begins at the western entrance of the scenic area in Wanling Town. Upon entering, visitors encounter the Changning Bamboo Sea Museum, showcasing exquisitely crafted bamboo products that are worth a closer look. Subsequently, visitors can ascend the cable car to gain a panoramic view of the bamboo sea, providing an even broader perspective. The cable car reaches key attractions in the bamboo sea area, including the Observation Deck and the Emerald Corridor.

The Observation Deck, towering six stories high, offers a breathtaking view of the bamboo sea, with myriad mountain ridges stretching as far as the eye can see. Beneath the Observation Deck lies a small square surrounded by local households offering dining and accommodation services. A perfect spot to rest and recharge, visitors can indulge in the locally famous “Full Bamboo Banquet” featuring bamboo shoots, bamboo fungus, and other delectable dishes, satisfying both the eyes and the taste buds.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourA day
Ticket PriceAdmission:
100 RMB (1st January – 31st October)
60 RMB (1st November – 31st December)
Sight-Viewing Bus: 55 RMB
Opening Hours24 hours throughout the year
Telephone Number0086-0831-8885199

Location and Transportation

The Shunan Bamboo Forest is located in the city of Yibin (宜宾), which is situated in the southeastern part of Sichuan Province, China. Yibin City itself is renowned for its lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes. It is surrounded by mountains, with the mighty Yangtze River flowing nearby, adding to the picturesque scenery. The city’s favorable climate, characterized by mild winters and abundant rainfall, creates the perfect conditions for the growth of bamboo.

Shunan Bamboo Forest is only 56 kilometers away from the city center of Yibin, and there are several express coaches departing from Yibin South Bank Bus Station (宜宾南岸汽车站) and Yinbin Zhaochang Bus Station (宜宾赵场汽车站).

If you start your tour from Chengdu, you can first take a high-speed train to Yibin, and then transfer to the coach at Zhaochang Bus Station, which is right next to the railway station.

Highlights of Shunan Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Sea Museum

towering bamboo groves in shunan bamboo forest

The Bamboo Sea Museum is a specialized institution focused on showcasing bamboo-related expertise and culture. Functioning as a hub for the collection, preservation, exhibition, academic research, and societal education related to bamboo, the museum features an array of bamboo cultural artifacts. Its collection includes items like bamboo beds, sculptures, and cultural artworks like “Qingming Shanghe Tu” (Along the River During the Qingming Festival) and “Ba Di Tu” (The Hundred Emperors). Through its exhibits, the Bamboo Sea Museum provides insights into the rich heritage of bamboo craftsmanship and artistic expression, offering visitors a unique and immersive experience in the world of bamboo culture.

Emerald Corridor

the tranquil scenic beauty in shunan bamboo forest

Deep within the Shunan Bamboo Forest, the Emerald Corridor is a scenic pathway paved with red sandstone. Arching columns of dense, ancient bamboo line both sides of the corridor, creating a captivating juxtaposition of the red carpet-like road against the green bamboo screens. This enchanting pathway, adorned with the vibrant hues of nature, offers visitors a serene and picturesque stroll through the heart of the bamboo forest, where the interplay of colors and textures enhances the overall beauty of the landscape. The Emerald Corridor stands as a visual feast, inviting exploration amidst the tranquil and lush surroundings of the bamboo sea.

Colorful Waterfall

coloful waterfall in shunan bamboo forest

The Colorful Waterfall in Shunan Bamboo Forest is situated in the calabash-shaped valley between Shigu Mountain and Shiluo Mountain. Originating from the Lao Shui River deep within the forest, the waterfall cascades in four tiers under the Hui Long Bridge, creating a stunning display with a total drop of nearly 200 meters. The first tier is a 5-meter wide cascade with a drop of 30 meters, followed by the second tier, which is 3 meters wide and descends 15 meters. The third tier, 4 meters wide and 50 meters high, plunges dramatically, often accompanied by the appearance of rainbows under the noonday sun. The fourth tier, 5 meters wide and 74 meters high, is situated at the valley’s end, framed by steep cliffs and a breathtaking view.

Thirteen Bridges on Huaxi Creek

bamboo rafting in shunan bamboo forest

The Huaxi Creek, located at the eastern end of the Shunan Bamboo Sea in Wanli Town, was originally known as Liaoshui River. Stretching approximately 5 kilometers, the creek meanders through the valley, creating a picturesque landscape. In the spring, with peach blossoms and white plum blossoms adorning the surroundings, the creek is transformed into a scene of natural beauty. The name “Huaxi” (Flower Creek) reflects this seasonal spectacle. The creek, clear and gentle, is adorned with thirteen small bridges constructed since the Ming and Qing dynasties. These structures, spanning the creek, collectively bear the name Thirteen Bridges on Huaxi Creek, adding historical charm to the scenic area.

Video about Shunan Bamboo Forest

Useful Tips from Genuine Reviews

Duration of Stay:

  • The area is extensive, often requiring at least a one-night stay. The best approach is to visit with a relaxed mindset.
  • Upon arrival, consult the hotel owner for advice as the recommended routes might vary depending on different seasons and times.

Relaxing Evening Strolls:

  • When walking in the evening, be mindful of time and fading light. Most paths between attractions and hotels lack streetlights, but the starry sky can be exceptionally beautiful at times.

Shopping for Local Produce:

  • If interested in purchasing mushrooms, bamboo shoots, or other mountain produce, you can buy them from small vendors along the mountain trails. Haggle down the prices from around 55 yuan to 10 yuan for items below 55 yuan and around 20 yuan for items priced above 55 yuan. There’s no need to visit specialized souvenir shops for these items.

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