Sushi Mijian (Suzhou-style Preserved Fruits)

Sushi Mijian (Suzhou-style Preserved Fruits)

Sushi Mijian (苏式蜜饯), also known as Suzhou-style Preserved Fruits, is a distinctive traditional snack originating from the Wu Zhong and Xiangcheng districts of Suzhou City in Jiangsu Province, China. With a rich history, unique craftsmanship, and delightful flavors, Suzhou-style Preserved Fruits have gained widespread popularity, becoming a sought-after treat across the country.

The history of making preserved fruits in Suzhou can be traced back to the Three Kingdoms period, but it reached its peak during the Qing Dynasty, particularly under the renowned brand “张祥丰 (Zhang Xiang Feng),” which has long been associated with imperial cuisine. The Suzhou-style Preserved Fruits have evolved into more than 160 varieties, with some of the most famous ones being Golden Thread Honey Dates, Creamed Sour Plums, Golden Thread Kumquats, Sugared Waxberries, and Nine-Processed Tangerine Peels.

Notably, the Creamed Sour Plums offer a delightful combination of sweetness and sourness, providing a refreshing sensation and a lingering aftertaste, making them particularly beloved by tourists. Additionally, Suzhou-style Mijian includes Suzhou Orange Cookies and Kumquat Cookies made from Dongting oranges, renowned for their rich fragrance, sweet and refreshing taste, and digestive properties.

Preserved fruits involve the use of fruits and vegetables as raw materials, employing sugar as a preservation method. The high concentration of sugar creates a powerful osmotic pressure, forcing the expulsion of moisture from the fruits and vegetables. This process not only prevents microbial growth but also helps maintain the freshness of the produce. Through a meticulous combination of ingredients and various processing techniques, Suzhou-style Preserved Fruits emerge in a variety of flavors, showcasing the unique characteristics of this traditional delicacy.

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