Guizhou noodles

huaxi beef rice noodles

Huaxi Beef Rice Noodles

Huaxi beef rice noodles (花溪牛肉粉), originating from the Huaxi area of Guiyang, is a distinctive and renowned snack in Guizhou Province, China. Its main ingredients include beef, sour lotus root, and coriander. There are various types of Huaxi beef rice noodles, including original flavor, braised beef, and pickled pepper beef. The distinctive feature of this

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changwang noodles

Changwang Noodles – staple food in Guizhou

Changwang noodles (肠旺面), a traditional delicacy popular in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, are renowned for their unique combination of color, aroma, and flavor. This dish boasts a delightful blend of freshness, crispiness, spiciness, and richness, featuring a broth that’s both spicy and refreshing, noodles that are crispy yet tender, and a topping of succulent pork intestines.

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