Changwang Noodles – staple food in Guizhou

changwang noodles

Changwang noodles (肠旺面), a traditional delicacy popular in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, are renowned for their unique combination of color, aroma, and flavor. This dish boasts a delightful blend of freshness, crispiness, spiciness, and richness, featuring a broth that’s both spicy and refreshing, noodles that are crispy yet tender, and a topping of succulent pork intestines.

The primary ingredients of Changwang noodles include pork intestines, fresh pig’s blood, and hand-rolled duck egg noodles, along with a medley of over twenty spices and seasonings. The preparation of these components is meticulous; the pork intestines are selected from the finest cuts, thoroughly cleaned, and then cooked using specific methods to achieve optimal texture and flavor. The pig’s blood must maintain its tender consistency, while the noodles are crafted from egg for added richness.

Characteristic of Changwang noodles are their vibrant red color, the golden yolks within the noodles, the creamy texture of the pork intestines, and the vibrant green of the chopped scallions and golden hue of the bean sprouts used as garnish. Moreover, the taste profile of Changwang noodles is multifaceted; spicy yet not overpowering, rich but not greasy, with noodles that are crispy, thin, and delightfully toothsome.

The origins of Changwang noodles can be traced back to the late Qing Dynasty when meat stalls were abundant near the North Gate Bridge in Guiyang. Two noodle shops in the vicinity capitalized on the availability of pork intestines and pig’s blood from these stalls to create Changwang noodles, enticing customers with this unique offering. Over time, these two noodle shops engaged in friendly competition, continuously improving the quality of their products, ultimately leading to the widespread recognition of Changwang noodles in Guiyang. Today, Changwang noodles are not only a beloved breakfast choice among locals but also a symbolic culinary emblem of the city.

In the local dialect of Guiyang, “Changwang” sounds similar to “always prosperous,” symbolizing good fortune. Changwang noodles are not only cherished for their distinctive flavors but also hold special emotional value for having provided comfort during times of scarcity in the past, fulfilling people’s cravings for food.

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