Top 6 places to go in Beijing during Summer

Top 6 places to go in Beijing during Summer

Beijing, with its rich history and profound cultural heritage, offers a plethora of options for summer getaways, especially considering the higher temperatures in the city during this season. Many people opt to escape the urban heat by venturing to the surrounding countryside.

Yanqi Lake

Situated 8 kilometers north of Huairou City at the foot of the Yan Mountains, Yanqi Lake is one of the largest artificial lakes in Beijing and one of the city’s most renowned summer retreats. With cooler temperatures and fresh air compared to the urban areas, it’s an ideal destination for summer vacations. Visitors can take leisurely strolls along the lakeside, indulge in fishing or boating activities, and revel in the beauty of the surrounding scenery, immersing themselves in the charms of nature.

Longqing Gorge

Located 10 kilometers northeast of Gu Cheng Village in Yanqing District, Longqing Gorge lies at the confluence of Gu Cheng River and Longqing Reservoir, about 85 kilometers from downtown Beijing. Flanked by the Great Wall at Badaling to the south, Songshan Forest Park to the northwest, and Haituoshan Mountain to the west, Longqing Gorge is not only a natural scenic spot but also an excellent summer resort. Here, crystal-clear streams, dense forests, and spectacular canyon landscapes await. It’s an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts, offering opportunities for leisurely walks, rock climbing, fishing, and breathtaking views of waterfalls, streams, and gorges.

Shidu, Fangshan District

Nestled in the towns of Shidu and Zhangfang in Fangshan District, Shidu boasts a blend of natural beauty, historical charm, and folk traditions. Crystal-clear rivers, breathtaking waterfalls, and ancient stone bridges characterize this scenic area. Visitors can also explore well-preserved architecture from the Ming and Qing dynasties and enjoy folk performances. Shidu is a perfect summer getaway, offering activities such as hiking, river rafting, sightseeing, and indulging in local cuisine.

Mulan Weichang Grassland

The grasslands of Inner Mongolia, particularly those near Beijing like Mulan Weichang, beckon travelers seeking an escape into nature’s embrace. From June to October, the grasslands come alive with vibrant greenery and a riot of colorful blooms, making it an ideal time to visit. During the summer, the grasslands present a picturesque vista of rolling hills covered in lush green carpets, dotted with a myriad of wildflowers. The expansive sky meets the horizon, creating a sense of boundless freedom. As autumn approaches, the grasslands transform into a golden landscape, offering photographers a golden opportunity for capturing the beauty of the season. Whether you visit in June, when the air is fresh and the grass is verdant, or in July and August, when the meadows are adorned with wildflowers and lush grass, Mulan Weichang Grassland promises an unforgettable summer experience amidst nature’s splendor.

Huanghuacheng Water Great Wall

Located in Jiuduhe Town, Huairou District, approximately 65 kilometers from downtown Beijing, Huanghuacheng Water Great Wall is renowned for its unique landscape, blending mountains, clear waters, and ancient walls into a captivating tourist destination. With an average temperature 5 to 6 degrees Celsius lower than that of Beijing, it provides a refreshing escape from the city heat. The average temperature in July is around 26.1°C, making it an ideal summer destination. One of the highlights of Huanghuacheng is the harmony between the mountains and waters. Visitors can enjoy the soothing sounds of birds chirping in the mountains and the gentle murmur of streams. The highlight is the Haoming Lake, formed by natural spring water, offering a serene setting for boating. Drifting on the lake, one can admire the picturesque scenery of mountains and the reflection of the Great Wall in the clear waters, providing a tranquil and refreshing experience. The spring water here is pure and sweet, offering a cool respite with every sip.

Youzhou Canyon

Also known as Yongding River Canyon or Guanting Mountain Canyon, Youzhou Canyon encompasses the upper reaches of the Yongding River, stretching from the dam of the Guanting Reservoir to the southern part of Beijing. The section from Jiuzhuangwo to Zhuwo (including Zhuzhuo, also known as Zhu Lake Reservoir) is the essence of the Yongding River Canyon. With steep mountains and rapid streams in the upper reaches, gradually transitioning to gentler currents downstream, the scenery varies significantly. With temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C during the summer, Youzhou Canyon is a paradise for backpackers, offering prime conditions for hiking and camping.

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