Wangu Pavilion, Lijiang – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

wangu pavilion lijiang

Wangu Pavilion (万古楼, or Wangu Tower) stands as a distinctive landmark in Lijiang. Translated from the Dongba language as “Tower for Eternity,” or known in Naxi as “Wengulun,” meaning to view and enjoy from a high point, it is commonly referred to as “Wangu Pavilion.” From the pavilion’s vantage point, one can behold the magnificent and enchanting Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to the north, gaze upon the ancient Lijiang Old Town with its flowing streams and traditional houses to the east, overlook the vibrant and colorful Lijiang New City to the west, and admire the picturesque countryside villages to the south.

Wangu Pavilion is a tower-style wooden structure with five-tiered eaves, standing at a height of 33 meters, symbolizing the 330,000 people of the original Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County. It boasts 16 main pillars, each extending directly to the roof, making it the first tower in China with an all-wooden structure where every pillar reaches the top without connecting beams. The pillars, each measuring 22 meters in length, reflect the local belief in “good things come in pairs” and the auspiciousness of choosing even-numbered days for weddings. The use of 16 pillars also symbolizes the Naxi legend of the nine brothers who opened the sky and the seven sisters who split the earth, signifying the joint creation of a beautiful world by the Naxi people.

The pavilion has a square plan with a width and depth of 18 meters on each side, featuring four pairs of stone lions guarding the entrances, each with a unique posture. Inside the pavilion, there are 2,300 auspicious patterns painted, symbolizing abundant harvests and favorable weather throughout the agricultural seasons. Notably, there are 9,999 carved and painted dragon motifs throughout the pavilion, along with an additional dragon in the ceiling’s caisson, totaling 10,000, representing prosperity and longevity, and indicating Lijiang as the homeland of the dragon descendants. The open-mouthed dragon motif in the ceiling’s caisson reflects the legend of dragons spouting water, symbolizing water’s ability to extinguish fire and urging visitors to be cautious with fire during their visits or walks in the forest.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour30 minutes
Ticket Price35 RMB
Opening Hours9.00 – 22.00
Telephone Number0086-0888-5111118

Location and Transportation

Wangu Pavilion is located atop Lion Mountain in Dayan Town, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, China, specifically situated on Xinhua Street within the Lijiang Old Town. It is easily accessible by foot once you arrived at Lijiang.

Vlog about Wangu Tower

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