Wenchang Palace, Lijiang – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

wenchang palace lijiang

Wenchang Palace in Lijiang (丽江文昌宫) is a historic architectural gem dating back to the Qing Dynasty and stands as the largest temple park within the ancient city of Lijiang. Its construction began in the third year of the Qing Emperor Yongzheng’s reign (1725), boasting a history of over 280 years. The existing building was relocated from the ancient city to Lion Hill in the 11th year of the Qing Emperor Daoguang’s reign (1831).

The architectural layout of Wenchang Palace is meticulously designed, featuring the main hall, side halls, and front hall. The main hall, standing at over 9 meters in height, faces south and is constructed of brick and wood. Its corners are adorned with flying eaves, while the roof arches are intricately carved in a style reflecting ethnic motifs. The side halls are two-story wooden structures, and the front hall serves as a vestibule for Wenchang Palace. The entire complex forms a well-structured quadrangle courtyard, covering a total area of 775 square meters.

Beyond its grand architectural stature, Wenchang Palace also carries rich historical and cultural significance. It embodies the integration of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism, showcasing the diverse elements of traditional Chinese culture. Historically, every third day of the second lunar month saw grand sacrificial ceremonies held at Wenchang Palace, attended by local officials, scholars, and societal elites. These ceremonies prayed for the prosperity of local culture, the emergence of talents, abundant wealth, and favorable weather conditions. Additionally, the palace hosts various Taoist rituals and ceremonies, including Daoist music performances, during regular days.

Furthermore, Wenchang Palace offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and overlooks the ancient city of Lijiang. The scenery is picturesque, with ancient trees providing shade and the air filled with the fragrance of flowers. This scenic beauty has attracted filmmakers, with the famous TV drama “One Meter Sunshine” filming scenes at this location.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour30 minutes
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours8.00 – 18.00
Telephone Number0086-0888-5111118

Location and Transportation

Wenchang Palace is situated in the Dayan Street area of the Old Town District of Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, China. It is located on Lion Hill in the western part of the ancient city of Lijiang. It is easily accessible by foot once you are there.

Vlog about Wenchang Pavilion

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