Where to buy sim card in Beijing Airport?

Where to buy sim card in Beijing Airport

In Beijing, there are two airports: Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Daxing International Airport. Both airports are equipped with international flight services.

Beijing Capital International Airport:

  1. Terminal 3 (T3): For international arrivals at Gate B, there is a hotel reservation counter where short-term SIM cards are available for purchase exclusively for foreigners. This service requires presenting the original passport and undergoing on-site facial recognition. Please note that this service is only for foreigners.
  2. Terminal 2 (T2): At T2, there are dedicated counters for telecommunication carriers near the entrance where you can purchase SIM cards.
  3. Other Locations: Additionally, there are other sales points or self-service kiosks within Beijing Capital International Airport that offer SIM card services. For more detailed information, you can inquire with airport staff.

Beijing Daxing International Airport:

  1. Carrier Service Centers: Within Daxing Airport, you can often find service centers or sales points operated by major Chinese carriers such as China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. At these locations, you can purchase SIM cards and activate them. Look for signage or inquire with airport staff to locate these service centers.
  2. Convenience Stores or Electronics Shops: Some convenience stores or electronics shops within the airport premises may also sell SIM cards. These shops typically offer various package options to meet different travelers’ needs.

For both airports, it’s advisable to check the signage or inquire with airport staff upon arrival for the exact locations and procedures for purchasing SIM cards.

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