Fried Bean Paste Bun (Dou Sha Wo)

Guizhou bean paste bun (dou sha wo)

Guizhou bean paste bun (豆沙窝, Dou Sha Wo) is a beloved snack that originated in the Miao ethnic areas of Guizhou. The Miao people have a passion for food and are skilled at making various delicacies, with bean paste bun being one of them. This snack has won the hearts of many food enthusiasts with its unique taste and craftsmanship.

The method of making bean paste bun is relatively simple, but each step requires precision. First, high-quality red beans are cooked and then mashed into bean paste using a rolling pin. Next, the bean paste is stirred evenly and mixed with an appropriate amount of white sugar, then heated and stirred until the sugar completely melts. At this point, the sweet aroma of the bean paste filling emerges.

Next, the fried oil pastry is cut into appropriate-sized pieces and wrapped around the bean paste filling, forming small round balls by hand. During this process, it’s crucial to achieve the perfect balance between the oil pastry and the bean paste filling, ensuring the filling is full while avoiding the pastry from breaking.

Finally, the prepared bean paste buns are fried in oil until golden brown. It’s crucial to control the oil temperature during frying to ensure the buns are cooked through without burning. When the bean paste buns become golden and crispy, they are removed from the oil, drained, and cooled before serving.

The taste of bean paste buns is extremely unique, with a crispy exterior and a chewy interior, offering rich layers of flavor. The crispy outer layer contrasts with the soft and delicate bean paste filling. With each bite, the bean paste slowly melts in the mouth, leaving a lasting impression. In addition to its taste, the appearance of bean paste buns is also very attractive. The golden color makes it tempting to the eye, and combined with its unique shape and aroma, it’s irresistible to taste.

In Guizhou, bean paste buns are a highly popular snack enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Whether on the streets or in restaurants, bean paste buns can be found everywhere. Its delicious taste and uniqueness allow people to not only enjoy the snack but also experience the charm of Guizhou Miao culture.

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