Where to buy souvenirs in Beijing

where to buy souvenirs in beijing

While many tourist attractions in Beijing offer souvenir shops, they often come with inflated prices and lack uniqueness. For those seeking authentic Beijing specialties in a short amount of time, the area around Guijie (Ghost Street) is an excellent choice. Follow this guide for a quick and efficient souvenir shopping experience:

1. Daoxiangcun (稻香村)

  • Take Metro Line 5 to Zhangzizhonglu Station and exit from Exit B.
  • Walk around 100 meters to reach Daoxiangcun (稻香村) Store 0. Ask the staff for a “DIY Nine-Grid Selection.”
  • Select items from the Beijing Hutong series and the Journey to the West series. For example, four items from the Beijing Hutong series, four items from the Journey to the West series, and two Classic Jujube Flowers cost around 211 RMB for three boxes. Note that gift boxes and bags are available for an additional fee.

2. Zhangyiyuan (张一元)

  • Just a short walk from Daoxiangcun, you’ll find Zhangyiyuan, a tea shop. Purchase loose-leaf tea, such as two liang (about 100 grams) of Jasmine Bai Muhou (less bitter) for 72 RMB or Jasmine White Mao Monkey (stronger flavor) for 84 RMB.

3. Nanluoguxiang (南锣鼓巷)

  • From Zhangyiyuan, continue walking along Fuxue Hutong until you reach Nanluoguxiang. This historic alleyway is filled with specialty and creative shops.
  • Browse various souvenirs, such as calligraphy fridge magnets, keychains with auspicious sayings, and figurines like pi xiu for good fortune. Take your time exploring the unique offerings.

4. Wu Yu Tai (吴裕泰)

  • Upon exiting Nanluoguxiang, head to Gulou Street and continue towards the Drum Tower. Along the way, you’ll pass by a Wu Yu Tai tea shop. Purchase tea varieties like Tieguanyin and Pu’er.

5. Yan Dai Xie Jie (烟袋斜街)

  • At the intersection near the Drum Tower, turn left onto Yan Dai Xie Jie. Here, you’ll find a paper-cutting store selling traditional Chinese paper-cut art pieces. Consider buying single-character decorations like “福” (blessing) or “寿” (longevity) for 50 RMB each, symbolizing good wishes for your loved ones.

6. Final Steps

  • Exit Yan Dai Xie Jie and head back to the subway station. You can now return to your accommodation to pack your luggage and head home.

By following this route, you can complete your souvenir shopping in less than two hours, ensuring you make the most of your time in Beijing. Don’t forget to purchase the famous Erbaijian sauce from Tongrentang if desired, available near Beixinqiao Station on Metro Line 5. Happy shopping!

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