Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater – Location and Facilities

Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater

Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater (武汉琴台大剧院) stands as a testament to Chinese ingenuity, being the first grand theater designed and constructed entirely by the Chinese. Situated at the heart of the Moon Lake Cultural and Art Theme Park, it played a pivotal role as the main venue for the 8th China Arts Festival in 2007.

The conceptualization of Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater revolves around the theme of “Singing from the Mountains.” Its exterior is strikingly reminiscent of a traditional Chinese musical instrument, the guqin, with an outward extension resembling the flowing movements of “qin keys” and “water sleeves.” This architectural marvel seamlessly integrates historical and cultural elements with modern technology, covering an impressive total area of 65,650 square meters.

The theater complex comprises a 1,802-seat grand theater, a 400-seat multifunctional hall, rehearsal rooms, art exhibition halls, and more. After enjoying the scenic beauty of the ancient Qintai area, attending a performance at this grand venue becomes an excellent choice.

Location and Transportation

Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater is strategically located on the picturesque banks of the Moon Lake, adjacent to the Han River, in the Hanjiang District of Wuhan city. The precise address of this cultural gem is No. 7 Zhiyin Avenue. To get there, you can choose one of the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 542 and get off at Zhiyin Avenue Qintai Grand Theater Stop (知音大道琴台大剧院站).

Metro: The closest metro station to the theater is Qintai (琴台) on line 6. After getting out of the station from Exit C, walk about 300 meters to the northwest to reach the place.

Facilities of Qintai Grand Theather

Grand Theater

The grand theater is designed to meet the requirements of various large-scale stage performances, including opera, dance, musicals, large-scale musicals, traditional Chinese opera, and drama. The audience hall spans 1,413 square meters, divided into three levels, with the second and third levels hosting 20 terrace-style private boxes of varying sizes. The first level accommodates 1,213 seats (including 114 additional seats in the orchestra pit), the second level has 267 seats, and the third level has 322 seats, allowing a total of 1,802 spectators to enjoy performances simultaneously.

The choice of Chinese red as the main color in the audience hall symbolizes the passionate bloodline of the Chu people. Drawing inspiration from the Chu culture’s representative, the theater’s interior walls are shaped like chime bells. Additionally, the sides of the stage are adorned with gilded Chu cultural patterns, exuding an elegant and grand atmosphere that represents the rich cultural history of Hubei Province.

Multifunctional Hall

The multifunctional hall at Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater boasts a stage that is 26 meters long, 16 meters wide, and 11 meters high. Equipped with 14 movable lifting platforms, the stage can be transformed into various configurations, including a small theater, conference hall, protruding stage, “T”-shaped stage, central stage, and a flat hall. This versatility enables the hall to meet the diverse needs of dance, music, drama, theatrical plays, fashion shows, and conferences.

Dressing Rooms

The backstage area of Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater is thoughtfully designed, featuring 24 dressing rooms and a theater troupe meeting room that can accommodate nearly 300 actors for simultaneous preparation. The ground floor comprises 11 regular dressing rooms, 5 VIP dressing rooms, 1 double dressing room, and 2 waiting areas, catering to 152 individuals. The basement level houses 7 regular dressing rooms and a band resting area, providing space for 89 people. Each dressing room is equipped with a stage monitoring system, allowing actors to monitor stage dynamics through LCD screens, ensuring timely readiness for their performances. VIP dressing rooms are securely separated from regular dressing rooms, ensuring a quiet environment for VIPs while maintaining safety and minimizing external disturbances.

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